Uncool Behavior in Harvard’s Cool Music Stop

From the Harvard Police Department:


Kendra Lewis

On 04-06-21 at 2315 hrs, Police responded to Cool Music Stop, 10 N Ayer St regarding an unknown dispute.

Upon arrival it was determined there was a patron inside the establishment that was refusing to leave after being asked.

Officers attempted to get the patron to leave and after numerous unsuccessful attempts Kendra S Lewis (f-34 yoa), 9925 South Normal Ave, Chicago was arrested for Criminal Trespass to Property.

While attempting to take Lewis into custody she resisted officers by pulling and twisting away from them and kicked an officer in the arm and leg. Lewis was charged with

  • aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer,
  • two counts of Resisting a Peace Officer and
  • Criminal Trespass to Real Property.

Lewis was transported to the McHenry County Jail in lieu of bond.


Uncool Behavior in Harvard’s Cool Music Stop — 17 Comments

  1. Guess Harvards notoriety for Milk Days, Harmilda the Cow,the home of President Gerald Fords Mother, and Clarance Darrow even having an office there once has been replaced.

    Funny He/She Kendra Lewis dont seem to represent what Harvard once was; proud, polite, and law abiding.

    Place has been on a downward spiral for two decades now in the areas of proud, polite and law abiding.

    Look it up.

  2. trying to figure out why Kendra was in Harvard…she/he is a long way from Chicagos south side…who was she with?

  3. Speaking of Harvards Milk Days it has been postponed until October….

  4. Lots of ghetto goblins take the train in to Harvard.

    Many of them come to load up on cigarettes – Cook County and Chicago taxes add up to over $4/pack extra.

    There’s a definite downside to having the bar district and a tobacco shop so close to the train station.

  5. U unkool lewis, ain’t in yo hood up yonder here…. we still Want cops ! doing their jobs… Go Home!

    Oh And Dala that’s coming… i’m sure when it gets in front of da judge… and how it was beat up and abused for not understanding the word get out, or Stop or any of these simple words.. its never their fault at all.

  6. What the hell is that thing in her neck?

    Is Lewis a transgendered or what?

    Look at that adam’s apple.


  7. “What the hell is that thing in her neck.”

    It’s called a dermal or anchor piercing.

  8. Why don’t we have instruction by teachers all over, especially in Chicago, EVERY day, right after the Pledge of Allegience in the morning to the United States. For all students from pre-kindergarten to high school and junior college. Go over basic laws for 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY. First, obey your parents and elders. Then, obey all laws but if you do encounter a police officer, then you MUST obey her or him. Do everything they say. Do not resist them, do not fight them.

  9. Thanks correcting.

    I can help to take the “dermal” off with a hatchet, if the sad creature wants.

  10. Duncan, because she wants stuff without working for it —— could that be the answer?

  11. A lot of those types of piercings get infected.

    They are different than regular piercings.

    Regular piercings have an entry and exit.

    Think of an ear piercing or even a nose or tongue or nipple piercing.

    It goes in one place and out the other.

    A dermal or “anchor” piercing, on the other hand, goes through a place & is set on something.

    A lot of times you’ll see them on a woman’s cheek (face cheek).

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