DeWitte Tells of Veto Session

From State Senator Don DeWitte:

Veto Session Begins Next Week; Congressional Maps Released

The 2022-32 congressional map drawn by Democrats.

Lawmakers return to the Capitol next week on October 19 to begin the annual fall veto session.

The two-week session is designed to allow the General Assembly to take action on legislation vetoed by the Governor.

Because Gov. Pritzker has vetoed very few bills, majority party leaders may decide to take up any number of other issues instead.

I’m hearing the majority party has a few controversial items they may bring forward for votes, so stay tuned.

Senate Republicans have continued to push for the legislature to use the annual fall veto session as a time to hold hearings to discuss the ongoing spike in violent crime across the state, and to take action on legislation to help empower the criminal justice system to get violent criminals off of the streets, get illegal guns out of communities, and shore up mental health services.

Late yesterday morning (Oct. 15), the majority party released the proposed Congressional Map that legislators will consider during veto session.

It is not unusual for the map that ultimately is brought forward for a vote to be different than the map that is originally released to the public.

Because they released the map before hearings across the state were finished, Democrats canceled two additional map hearings scheduled for this week.

The image above shows the proposed Congressional Map as it exists today.


DeWitte Tells of Veto Session — 4 Comments

  1. Senator DeWitte would do well to be careful objecting too much to the proposed congressional map, given, as Dave Wasserman pointed out since last November, it could be a lot worse for his constituents.

    Yes, overall, it’s creative cartography and implements legal, and not compact districts.

    The 2nd Hispanic district, which can only be implemented by taking from a black district, or another Democrat district, is an issue given the rise of Hispanic population in Illinois.

    But given the Illinois General Assembly House and Senate leadership surrendered their full advantage to the seniority of Democrat incumbent U.S. House Members (plus a governor trying to prevent 2 Republican congressmen pursuing statewide office next year), DeWitte’s constituents find themselves having influence to elect Members of Congress the Democrats could have easily taken away.

    Look at Lauren Underwood’s IL-14, and as Dave Wasserman wrote about for months, diluting McHenry County into three heavily Democrat districts based in Cook or Lake counties could have been achieved…except Raja Krishnamoorthi (IL-08), Jan Schakowsky (IL-09) and Brad Schneider (IL-10) used their seniority veto(?) to prevent it!

    Only Bill Foster’s IL-11 added a lot of new geography but kept his core Will County base, plus minority populations of Aurora in Kane County and drawing out a potential rival and giving him to Underwood!

    Instead of diluting McHenry County, Democrats enhanced McHenry County’s influence into the 14th District even though the county is now split into 3 districts for the 1st time (Riley Township proposed for IL-11 places one McHenry County precinct into a 3rd congressional district).

    DeWitte, because of what Democrats did that shocked both an expert like Dave Wasserman to predict this map could be a “dummymander” and has angered national Democrats, may have to think twice given his constituents have thus far benefited from the draft map, if for the wrong reasons.

  2. DeWitte is really something.

    But i cant figure out what it is.

    He whines alot, and decries the present order.

    But he offers nothing to counter it, and wont dare call out the rats who actually wield the power.

    He’s an accomplice.

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