Franks Shows Only $300 in Legal Fees for Last Three Months

Jack Franks

Former State Representative and McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has reported significant legal fees in past reports.

This time around, the figure was down to $300.

It was paid to cirminal defense firm Ekl Williams & Provenzale LLC, the people who successfully defended McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi in his long legal battle.

Other spending reported was

  • $776.66 for phone and internet use
  • $250 to McHenry County Board member Michael Vijuk
  • $149 to a candidate whose name does not have to be revealed because the amount was less than $150.01
  • $2,940.21 of expenditures each of which was also below the mandatory reporting figure stated above

The only income was reported was $2.40, probably interest on his bank account.

July 1st, Franks had $32,475.99 in his Political Action Committee.

As of the end of September, he had $28,062.52.

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Franks Shows Only $300 in Legal Fees for Last Three Months — 11 Comments

  1. Why bother keeping the committee going?

    Does Franks really think he can make any type of a comeback after the details of his sexual harrassment of his secretary have been revealed?

    Maybe he’s looking to work for Mario Coumo.

  2. What kind of music are you listening to now these days, Cal?

    Lil Yachty just remixed a Tame Impala track “Breathe Deeper” and i have been been fans of both. Tame Imapala is super good btw like I think they are one of the best modern alt-psychedelic-rock bands out there. They have at least four albums that are all great.

    you are a little older so you probably listen to “twist again, like we did last summer” by Chubby Checker that was a good song too.. or the Shirelles, or the Ronettes.

    …What did you listen to in college, Cal??

    I’m genuinely very curious!

    I like songs that make me dance u feel me??

    Now days it’s a lot of rap but I like the old stuff too it had more soul and the drumming was way better. Just my opinion tho. Music is people’s own preference.

    sorry if i asked u this question before I don’t think i did but either way it’s interesting. Hopefully i dont bug you with this question.

    You know I even watch old movies, even some silent movies so i’m not going to make fun of you.

  3. I will personally walk for any GOP candidate running against Vijuk …… except Pam Althoff or John Jung.

  4. Figure out the songs popular from 1960-65 and that was what I was lilstening to in undergranduate and grad school.

  5. Louie Louie/ Kingsman

    Surfin Bird/ Trashman

    and Frat House fav Roly Poly/ Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts.

  6. Didn’t Franks wife throw him out?

    He could very well get an apt in that district.

    We all know he likes to beg women to spoon with him.

    What self-respecting wife would put up with this imbecile sexually harassing women who work for him?

    That answer to that would be ‘none!’

  7. How come there is no official record of the Frank’s divorce legal proceeding in the McHenry County circuit clerk records online when I know I saw it in the public records when she first filed for divorce there.

    If she dropped it, it still would show in the records.

    I even checked Lake County in case they transferred it there out of a conflict of interest?

    Anybody know??

  8. Daddy Franks had the case simply “disappear.”

    “I will not permit goyisch gawkers to be entertained at my dear son’s expense. Never!”

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