U.S. Senatorial Forum Sponsored by the Illinois Family Action

Below is a recording of forum sponsored by Illinois Family Action at the Church of Christian Liberty.


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Jimmy Lee Tillman
Bobby Piton
Kathy Salvi
Matthew Dubiel
Casey Chlebek

Gubernatorial candidate Mas Solomon was also in attendance and allowed to speak.

Mas Solomon


U.S. Senatorial Forum Sponsored by the Illinois Family Action — 10 Comments

  1. The elections here are fixed.

    Why get into a tizzy about candy dates?

    Kathy Salvi is a ringer anyway.

  2. I recommend you compare and contrast the 2 styles of Piton and Salvi.

    Piton goes second after Tillman followed by Salvi.

    Who needs a binder filled with platitudes to try to convince you they are worthy of a Senate seat?

    Then get to their closing statements.

    If you still like Salvi because she can raise more money and that’s solely how you base your vote, that’s wrong.

    The candidate that took money is beholden to the trial lawyers bar who is going to be funding her.

    Did I hear her say she wouldn’t take a pension and only serve 1 term?

    Piton has been consistent on his message for over a year and the IL deep state drops Salvi into the race.

    Piton also gives good advice.

    Request a mail in ballot and don’t vote it.

    Then go into the polls and vote in person.

    If it’s already been voted who cast that vote.

    The IL scam is unravelling.

    It may not be a problem in McHenry County I’m not so sure about the 100+ others.

    As a side note, IL uses since 2015 the ERIC system to maintain voter rolls.

    Read how it was used to cheat AZ.


  3. I would have watched it but it’s on Facebook where there is no option to adjust the speed and I wasn’t going to sit through a video that’s over two hours.

    Tell IFA to upload it to a platform where the speed can be adjusted (maybe Rumble or YouTube) and then post that link.

  4. Salvi is clearly the superior candidate.

    Piton seems like a solid conservative, but it’s night and day in terms of ability to articulate, intellect, and breadth of knowledge.

    Salvi is the superior candidate and she’s a woman – which will be neutralizing against Duckworth.

    It’s great to see passion within the Republican Party.

    It’s also great to see 2 African American Republicans running.

    It’s clear that the winds of political change are at the backs of the conservative movement.

    It’s also clear to me the old, grouchy, slow moving,

    feckless Republican Establishment is dying out – and thank God for that.

    They have been absolute failures in Illinois.

  5. LOL Correcting.

    Please self-meme yourself and provide it to Cal for posting. LOL.

    I tolerated it and apparently so did Cal and CLM.

  6. ok then have fun with your lively discussion with CLM and Cal.

  7. “It’s also great to see 2 African American Republicans running.”


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