3-Year Old Killed When Struck by School Bus in Cary

From the Cary Police Department:

Cary Police Department Fatal Traffic Accident

On Monday May 16, 2022 at approximately 3:39 p.m. the Cary Police Department and Cary Fire Protection District were dispatched to the area of Cherry St. and Hill St. for a report of an accident involving a child pedestrian and a school bus.

From WLS-TV.

Emergency personnel arrived on scene and found a young child had been struck by a school bus.

The child was pronounced deceased at the scene.

At the time of the incident there was one student on the school bus in addition to the driver.

Neither the driver nor the student on the bus were injured.

The Cary Police Department is investigating the incident and is being assisted by the multi-jurisdictional Major Crash Assistance Team (MCAT).


3-Year Old Killed When Struck by School Bus in Cary — 40 Comments

  1. A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.
    Joseph Stalin

    And the Idiots in D.C. are herding us into a nuclear war with tens of millions of deaths in the offing.

  2. Was speed a factor?

    Over time I see school buses that appear to be going faster than the speed limit.

    But, I do not have a radar speed device to make a check.

    That is for the police to do.

  3. Kind of hard to speed going around a corner, especially with a school bus.

    This is one of those senseless unbelievably sad accidents.

    Why was he playing in the street?

    I at first was positive this was some third-world country unfortunate child of a family that didn’t understand life here in suburbia.

    I was totally shocked to see he was a normal American beautiful boy with a big family. How does this happen!!!!!

    Just heartbreaking.

  4. ** I was totally shocked to see he was a normal American beautiful boy with a big family.**

    Seriously, WTF?

  5. Seriously, WTF ?

    Porkboy calling someone a CVNT, now that’s the height of hypocrisy.

  6. You know what, Abe? You’re right (kind of). Not sure about the hypocrisy. But calling anyone a “C$#T” is WTF too.

    This blog’s comments have truly gotten out of hand.

    Cal/John – it’s pathetic what you do and don’t censor, and the “community” you’ve fostered here is pretty disgusting.

  7. “I at first was positive this was some third-world country unfortunate child of a family that didn’t understand life here in suburbia.”

    And that would’ve made the boy’s death any less tragic?

    Or somehow reduced the pain on his parents and family?

    Deaths of “some third-world country unfortunate” children count for less?

    Either some posters don’t think before posting or the hate displayed by the shooter in Buffalo is no less present here.

  8. Al Zielinski?

    The big loser from Island Lake speaks!


    For YOU to comment on the morality of any person is a LAUGH.

  9. Nefarious Snake, yeah you love to censor.

    You a pig. How’s that? A libtard pig.

    Al, you have ZERO credibility to opine about just about everything.

    Lopez has censored things.

    Here Lopez, censor this:

    CBS just had Major Garret and Nicholas Confessore on in a clearly well scripted segment on to try and control the narrative.

    They agreed that questioning our open border is okay and they said that having discussions on immigration and working across the table to solve immigration issues is okay. They said what is wrong is believing in a shadowy cabal of Jews that is purposely creating a replacement of white Americans.

    That was it.

    Segment just concluded out if nowhere. 10 min segment and only 45 seconds spent on what they are force feeding you is wrong with the Great Replacement.

    Ummm what? Then WHAT or WHO is causing the catastrophic southern border invasion?

    Nah they never explained that. “Believe the narrative comrade and shut your mouth and prepare to be replaced”

    You know what Lopez, see if Tadelman will now create new lists. Like he did with the unvaxxed.

    Listing people who don’t approve of the Jewish created Great Replacement.

  10. Wow, just wow at the comments on this thread. And Shaketurd now needs a Ministry of Truth on the site. LOL.

    It’s only a primary folks.

    The predetermined winner is already programmed into the Dominion and ES$S machines.

    Look at the PA debacle.

    You political folks need to tone it down and practice self-meditation.

    May the child RIP whoever it is.

  11. A number of federal laws are being broken by Biden and people in his administration regarding then “allowing” the invasion of the US of people from all around the world. The US has prodecures, protocols for peope to apply in wrting with US Embasssies to come to the US. Why is not Biden and his regime charged with violation of federal laws, put in jail and awaiting trial in court?

  12. I do have to wonder why the moral bettors on this thread return to the site like a dog to its vomit if they find everything so repulsive.

  13. **And Shaketurd now needs a Ministry of Truth on the site.**

    Once again, I’ll remind folks of JT’s comment from awhile back that namecalling is only for those that cannot make a legitimate argument.

    You’re seriously a parody of yourself.

    But, this blog already has censorship.

    Lopex deletes and edits comments all the time.

    So I have no problem calling out what they chose to censor and not censor.

    Yea, JT and Chase and others – we know that you want a full embrace of all the horrific racism, misogyny, and homophobia on this blog.

    You’ve made that clear.

    And I’ll continue to call you all out on it.

    **You a pig.**

    You ARE a pig.

    Good try though.

    And, also, wtf are you even talking about?

    Once again, obsess me, and resort to childish playground taunts all you want.

  14. “it’s pathetic what you do and don’t censor, and the “community” you’ve fostered here is pretty disgusting.”

    But it is so much fun watching these idiots opine their neanderthal beliefs.

    My daily entertainment.

  15. Numerous sources including foxnews are reporting the latest from the Biden regime’s “DISINFORMATION GOVERNANCE BOARD”, including:

    “The Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board is being put on hold weeks after its establishment was announced to the public, and board director Nina Jankowicz will resign, sources told The Associated Press.”

    Looks like Nina will be available soon to look at disinformation elsewhere.

    Might she consider coming to this blog and along the way sing some songs too?

  16. Hey Pokorny, try the gay hook up sites. I think you’ll be better received there.

    Dodger, I came across this which explains so very much about the Ukraine situation today:


    I wonder what Jack Franks, Tadelman and Lopez will say.

    Actually,I don’t really wonder at.

    Lopez is too busy denigrating the comely Ms. Lauf.

    Franks will denny, deny, distract, lie and deny some more.

    Tadelboy the snitch will whine, but never deal with the starling facts of the article.

  17. You still didn’t answer why you return like a dog to its vomit.

    If you find the site so repugnant, why keep coming back?

    Why not avoid it?

    Why torture yourself?

    Please enlighten us.

    You keep dodging the question.

  18. The grammar Nazis leave out an important preposition in the same paragraph critiquing someone else. Ahhh, the irony. Then makes a punctuation disaster in its, uhhh, correction.

    Does self awareness exist anymore?

  19. In its heyday in the 1960s, NASA didn’t mess around with diversity — or any other baloney — when selecting members of its elite astronaut corps.

    NASA insisted on only the best.

    In fact, when a reporter at a press conference asked then Chief of the Astronaut Office Deke Slayton if black astronaut candidate Ed Dwight was qualified for selection, Slayton brusquely said, “No.”

  20. Hi Chase. It’s true – I missed a word, and corrected it with a sloppy correction. I’ll do better.

    Thanks for pointing out some of what I already pointed out. But you did catch my “punctuation disaster” that I was too lazy to fix. Well done!

  21. Looks like this thread is covering everything except the tragic death of a young boy.

    On safe traffic, the intersection of Ackman and Redtail in Lakewood needs traffic signal stoplights.

    On diversity per Rupert, a famous apparel store online and brick and mortar has embraced DEI per a message at its website. Just how does that induce existing or new customers to shop, buy things when reasonable price and good quality are chief criteria for making a purchase? DEI could very well turn away customers.

  22. Bred, DEI is all anti White, anti Straight and anti Christian. Just like The he/she Nefarious!

  23. Chase (Tadelman), I find YOU repulsive.

    In college, I dated a Jewish chick, and was pretty philo-Semitic.

    I began studying whatever came my way about Judaism, and I soon realized that its developed Talmudic code was just a highly polished veneer hiding the shabby prejudice and hatred toward non-jews aka “goyim” [cattle] under it.

    Today I tell Christians they should study Judaism, but study it in depth, not like the Jewess and out lesbian Suze Orman recommends. https://awiderbridge.org/suze-orman-is-going-off-the-air/

    Study it in depth. Especially study the pharisees, since they are the forerunners of the Rabbis. Studying it will help Christians to understand what a radical change was being preached by Christ.

    Plus, it will help lay to rest that nonsense Christians are told about Jews being their older brothers in the faith.

    Judeo-Christian, INMO is an oxymoron perpetuated by morons.

  24. Hi Koizol. I’m truly pleased that you think about me.

    But if anti-Semitic bigots like you are repulsed by me, that means I’m doing things right.

    So thanks for the encouragement!!

    Also, it will probably blow your ignorant mind that Jesus was Jewish.

  25. Bishop, you’re right …… because of the censoring by Mr. Sh–heel Lopez.

  26. Hey Pokorny, try the gay hook up sites. I think you’ll be better received there. Another Gay shot. Incredible. Not gay, you Neanderthal. I guess for people of limited intelligence that is the go to insult. Too bad you dinosaurs are obsessed with everyone’s sexuality.
    This is entirely more fun watching you ignorant stupid people flaunt your stupidity and come unglued.

  27. “Studying it will help Christians to understand what a radical change was being preached by Christ.” There is no one on this sight that actually understands the teachings of Christianity, only their own bastardized version to justify their own hate. Who are you crappin.

  28. “There is no one on this sight that actually understands the teachings of Christianity…”

    “The pot calling the kettle black.”

    Absolutes are almost always incorrect.

    I, for one, believe I understand the teachings after eight years of Catholic grade school four years of Jesuit high school, and weekly Mass.

    However, “understanding” and “applying” are radically different concepts.

    Everyone can improve the application of their faith, whatever it is.

    “Everyone” is one absolute that will withstand scrutiny.

  29. Radical changes? Do not see that being fostered by religious leaders. Only a political leader.

    There is radical change going on in our nation over the past 1.5 years and ongoing and NO sane US citizen asked for it nor wants it.

    Our current president, with members of his regime, are violating a number of federal laws at our southern border. Why? Why radically change the composition of our nation in a reckless and totally illegal manner? Overload school systems around the nation. Stress health care facilities and providers. Put extra burdens on law enforcement and US citizen taxpayers.

  30. Al Zielinsky….LOL.

    You claim to be Roman Catholic, and yet you aggressively support the political party that actively promotes the legal termination of human beings in the womb.

    Your faith unequivocally teaches that that is MURDER.

    I’ll say your actions “applied” to the understanding of your faith are different….polar opposites in fact.

    I hope, for your soul’s sake, you don’t receive holy communion as a result of your political affiliation.

    That would be a sacrilege.

    But, you’d already know that with all your “Jesuit education”.

  31. I’m impressed I occupy so much of your time as evidenced by you continuing to type these unfounded allegations.

    As with the other post where you made them, we await the sources for those allegations.

    Don’t shirk it now; bring on those sources!

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