More Pro-Bailey, Pro-Shimpf Mail from Illinois Dems

Found in the mailbox today from the Illinois Democratic Party:

And, here’s a bonus that came a while back:


More Pro-Bailey, Pro-Shimpf Mail from Illinois Dems — 2 Comments

  1. Republican Sen. John Cornyn was booed by constituents in his home state at the Texas GOP convention on Friday for his role in leading negotiations with Democrats on federal gun restriction legislation.

    From the moment Cornyn, one of 11 Republican senators including Senate Minority Mitch McConnell who have agreed to surrender to Democrats’ demands to impede the sale and purchase of guns, set foot on the GOP stage in Houston, he was met with hostile boos and jeers denouncing his support for a “bipartisan” bill that will likely include sweeping and constitutionally questionable measures such as problematic red flag laws.

    Cornyn’s claims that he “will not under any circumstances support new restrictions for law-abiding citizens” were promptly rejected by the hostile crowd in the Lone Star State who repeatedly chanted “no red flags” and “don’t take our guns.”

  2. At least Texas has a few statewide officials that fall off the log in the conservative direction more often than not like Cruz and Paxton.

    But here in Ill-annoy, it’s a contest to get Griffin’s money led by the “Republican” House minority leader Durkin.

    The Democrats think Bailey is the easiest to beat for President Pritzker and so do the same pundits that thought Irvin was an easy primary victor a few months ago.

    They are all in for a big surprise this fall despite non stop demonization of Bailey.

    It all starts with the Republican grass roots, who ought to be booing any Griffin supported candidate in the primary.

    Along with the “Madigan Republican” smear campaign of Rauner against Jeanne Ives and the blame Trump for every failure in 2020, this primary election has certainly swept away any pretense of who is really a conservative and who isn’t in this state.

    After 40 years of fighting the corrupt Illinois “Republican” Establishment and their handmaidens among “conservative” leaders, I am glad to see we are finally going to get a conservative to run for Governor.

    Win or lose, it’s a start on the long road back to the Illinois I grew up in before Chuck Percy and Dick Ogilivie Republicans made the party the tax collectors of the Illinois Welfare State.

    “Me, too but slightly less” politics never works over time.

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