Pro-Lifers Hold Pig Roast

The Pro-Life Victory PAC held a pig roast at the Bull Valley Country Club last Sunday.

Having attended the Marengo Settlers Days Parade, which went from two to just before three, I was late.

A view from the back of the room.

I arrived before the food was boxed for employees to take home during the speech of President Stephanie Hanlon.

A view from near the kids’ table, where I found an empty seat.

She was telling of how she was looking for small billboard sites one day on which to post Pro-Life messages.

A table with a view at the Bull Valley Country Club.
Jeff Schwartz and Robb Tadelman.

The next day she received a call telling her that the person’s property would be perfect for a Pro-Life sign.

Then, Hanlon doubled down.

She asked those in attendance if any of them had properties on high traffic roads where such signs could be posted.

I didn’t get a photos of candidates and elected officals in attendance, but I was given this list:

  • Robb Tadelman
  • Jeff Thorsen 
  • Matt Kunkle
  • Tom Weber 
  • Terri Greeno
  • Eric Hendricks
  • John Reinert
  • Martin  McLaughlin
  • Jeff Schwartz
  • Jeff Thorsen

State Representatives Joe Sosnowski, Marty McLaughlin and Steve Reick made contributions, as did District 1 County Board candidate Matt Kunkle, U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Salvi, McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio and McHenry County Regional Office of Education Superintendent Diane Hartman.

As I was leaving, so was long-time Pro-Life leader Irene Napier, now 97 and still sharp as a tack.

She was the majodomo for many, many years and started the Pig Roast at her family farm on Valley Hill Road at the eastern edge of the Crystal Lake zip code.

Irene Napier and Stephanie Hanlon after the event which Napier pioneered at her farm.

We discussed what we older folks want to be called.

It wasn’t “senior citizen,” that’s for sure.

I suggested “Elder,” which is what my in-laws agreed to at their 70th wedding anniversay dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

Jennifer Jost also took the opportunity to say good-bye to Irene Napier. She share the converstion story of her father Fred Wickham, who was a Democratic Precinct Committeeman while she was in college. She came home and, seeing the pamphlets he was about to distribute, asked why he was supporting them. “They’re all pro-abortion,” she said. Shortly thereafter, Wickham switched to bring a Republican, even serving as GOP Treasurer for several terms.

I also took the opportunity to thank Irene for her kind phone call after my mother was killed in a Route 14 Woodstock automobile accident in 1987.

Needless to say, it brought back sad memories.

That was after I was out of office the first time around and before Penny Pullen had answered my last reservation about switching from being Pro-Choice to Pro-Life.

It was a big part of my concluding that Pro-Lifers were just nicer than Pro-Choicers.


Pro-Lifers Hold Pig Roast — 6 Comments

  1. In high school we used to call students who were there more than 4 years “super seniors.”

    They usually did drugs.

  2. I live in Lake Forest and yes, I’ve actually been to Irene Napier’s farm in my political activities for pro-life and other conservative causes. Irene, the fastest growing demographic in America is people over 100. Let’s hope we both see a minor miracle and a come back for pro-life in this “abortion sanctuary” state. Mark Curran on the Illinois Supreme Court would certainly be huge step in that direction.

  3. Irene Napier is a GEM.

    The Republican Party is blessed to have her as a conservative spokesperson.

    She is an exceptional individual and has done fare more for the Republican Party that the Republican Party has done for her.

    Yet, she continues the fight.

    Love you Irene!

  4. Perhaps Jeff is double dipping.

    LOL, Just kidding, Jeff is our current leader and I support him.

    I love Irene Napier.

    I’ve been canvassing for our Republican candidates and have been emphasizing Jeff and John as well as other great Republicans.

    You folks, please engage others and get votes for our party.

    My wife has been a tremendous help.

    Thank you Dan Hickey for working your neck of our 32 woods.

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