UPDATE with SPECIFICS: With Chicago Mayoral Candidate Proposing Taxing Suburbanites, Will Next Move Be to Impose Chicago Income Tax?

Illinois Policy reports on Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson’s proposal to gain more tax revenue from the suburbs.

Chicago Teachers Union lobbyist and mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson unveiled his ‘tax-the-rich’ revenue plan, including $800 million in new taxes on suburbanites and those who come to the city to work or play.

The State Constitution says,

Article VII. Local Government. Sec. 6. Powers of Home Rule Units. (e)

A home rule unit shall have only the power that the
General Assembly may provide by law (1) to punish by
imprisonment for more than six months or (2) to license for
revenue or impose taxes upon or measured by income or
earnings or upon occupations.

Except for the fact that Democrats control many of the legislative districts where Chicago commuters live, the extraordinary majority that party holds might tempt some effort.

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From Center for Illinois Politics:

The new taxes include:

  • A surcharge on Metra fares paid by suburbanites that would bring in $40 million a year, because “the suburban tax base utilizes Chicago’s infrastructure to earn their disproportionately higher income, yet their taxes fund already wealthy towns”
  • A $98 million a year tax on jet fuel used at Chicago’s airports, “making the big airlines pay for polluting Chicago’s air”
  • A “mansion tax” that would raise $100 million a year, presumably by increasing the transfer tax on homes and condos that sell for $1 million or more
  • Restoration of the $4 a month employee “head tax” eliminated by Mayor Rahm Emanuel on “large companies” that perform at least half their work in Chicago
  • Hiking Chicago’s highest-in-the-nation hotel tax even more to produce $30 million
  • Taxing financial transactions “less than 0.002 percent of a trade’s value” that would generate $100 million


UPDATE with SPECIFICS: With Chicago Mayoral Candidate Proposing Taxing Suburbanites, Will Next Move Be to Impose Chicago Income Tax? — 10 Comments

  1. Just tax whites more, that’s where it’s all heading.

    A sort of compulsory libtard reparation contribution.

  2. Leave it to a LibTard DEMOCRAT to kill the goose that layed the golden egg – it never fails.

  3. Good luck tracking my private jet, because I don’t have one you Democrat idiots.

  4. ‘Illinois’ likely meant ‘Corruption’ in the Illini language.

  5. Another reason yet to move your beloved losing Bears to Rolling Meadows. The guy is using the Gavin Newsome playbook to try and win elections without thinking about the consequences of his actions. Maybe he should take a lesson from Elon Musk about what happens when people are taxed by these idiots. Who even goes to that crime and liberal infested cesspool?

  6. Democrats after spending a small fortune in tourism ads, tell tourists their going to raise hotel and airfare costs on em, if their stupid enough to come.

    With out-of-the-box innovative revenue raising ideas like this idiot has, it’s a wonder he’s not raking in those private sector big bucks.

  7. I just had a conversation last week with my 5th grader’s teacher at an elementary school (public) in McH. Co.

    My. child informed me his class was directed to make rainbow flags in conjunction with 2 men, not teachers or connected to the school, who presented a lesson on homosexuality.

    I called the teacher. She admitted she staged the whole thing so the kids could get an ‘objective’ presentation.

    When I asked whether sexual activity was discussed she said ‘not really.’

    But my child said it was.

    When I asked why patents weren’t informed about her lesson, she told me ‘the administration approved it’ and it wasn’t necessary to give parents a heads up.

    I’ve arranged for a meeting with the principal this week, joined by at least 11 other parents (so far) of kids in that class.

    I am making arrangements to send my child to a Lutheran elem. school.

  8. yeah cause all you have now is illegals and lazy non workers ! go fish… you wanna live in the toilet bowl YOU PAY to Live there… stop making your problems the sububanites problem…!

  9. It’s Illinois. Shut up & take it.

    Or move out of Illinois.

  10. Does this mean we all get to vote on the Chi Town MAYOR?

    then… you wanna take my tax $$ you gotta give … and while your at it put a vote for suburbs who want to rescind from chit town !

    me thinks we the people have a say too..

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