Coroner Michael Rein Releases Covid Death Statistics – 260 McHenry County Residents, 66 from Elsewhere, Only One Under 30 Years Old, Health Department’s Number Is 581

From McHenry County Coroner Michael Rein:

Michael Rein

McHenry County Coroner Dr. Michael Rein is releasing the COVID deaths data that have taken place within McHenry County since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 to current.

This release of COVID deaths also show the breakdown of the area of where the decedents home (place of residency) is located.

This is to help clarify how many residents of McHenry County were McHenry County residents that passed away in McHenry County and how many decedents were and where they live from outside of McHenry County.

The following statistics were posted to the County Board Agenda for Tuesday March 21, 2023.

Extracted from the data below:

  • 2020 deaths in McHenry County – 149, of which 120 were county residents
  • 2021 deaths in McHenry County – 112, of which 92 were county residents
  • 2022 deaths in McHenry County – 65, of which 48 were county residents

There have been 3 deaths where the primary cause of death was COVID this year:

  • 1 in January 2023 and
  • 2 recently in March 2023.

All 3 resided in McHenry County.

By constrast, the McHenry County Health Department reports 581 deaths as of March 16, 2023:


Coroner Michael Rein Releases Covid Death Statistics – 260 McHenry County Residents, 66 from Elsewhere, Only One Under 30 Years Old, Health Department’s Number Is 581 — 55 Comments

  1. So you’ve made your case that everyone involved in the actual planning and execution of the Covid response in Public Health, should be shitcanned and sent packing to their Florida hottubs and never allowed near a position of authority ever again.

    When do we start?

  2. Another liar. There is STILL no such thing as Covid. It’s made-up fear porn. Anyone that states anything real about it is someone you should fear! Learn to discern who the criminals are.

  3. Quite the discrepancy. How does the MCDH explain it?

    More COVID 💸 bucks?

  4. Abe I think Porky is burning incense trying to summon the rest of his troll farm.

    Go to Porkboy to find out where to get your 7th jab. You may as well get a monkeypox booster too since your lifestyle of milking men for cream at Uprising Bakery tends to result in that disease.

  5. When it comes to saying something stupid, you take the UpRising cake.
    PorkBoy triggered and butthurt once again. Too Bad, so sad.
    DAMN, it’s a beautiful day!

  6. Abe he’s desperate for attention since his drag queen boy toy went to work this morning. Not only is he butthurt he is chapped lip hurt.

    Get going Porky. The Sac lady needs you to start fluffing in the bakery kitchen. Don’t be late.

  7. I will be dancing a jig the day I read or hear of Poo Kirby’s vax-obit.

    Feebs like him are an impediment to a functioning society.

    Look at all the damage he’s caused.

  8. We did it, we did it!

    We beat COVID!

    Strange how those deaths subsided when the COVID monies dried up.

    Awww well, must be a coincidence.

    Only one of them blue-collar, toothless, wifebeater shirt wearing, white person would say such a thing.

  9. Gary I just heard you are finalist for the 2022 Massengill Award, given to the biggest douche bag of the year. Congratulations.

  10. Porky you’re late for your cream milking job at Uprising. Better get going

  11. If you’re really curious about the subject, you should ask both the coroner and the health department what criteria they use to call something a COVID death.

    This comment is mostly directed at Paul Revere and Cal.

  12. With that type of accounting, are we sure that Lakewood’s very own, Steve Wilson (Former FBI agent) doesn’t work at the McHenry County Department of Public Health?

  13. When are many going to be held accountable for the LIES!!!!!!

    The manipulation! The unwarranted control and destruction!

    When someone like I who doesn’t have a college degree knows more then the so call professionals with higher education it screams fire and made accountable.

    Are we really going to give these people a pass for straight out lying or being ignorant money greedy sheep that destroyed and killed so many lives!

    I don’t know if I will EVER fully recover for what was done during the plandemic.

    The treatment I received for knowing the truth and refusing nicely/peacefully to not wear a masks.

    I now am beginning to know what blacks during segregation felt like, being mistreated for lies just because of the color of their skin or the Jews having to wear a star, being labeled as if they were diseased JUST because they were Jewish and for no other reason.

  14. Cindy, I believe cov!d is “real” in the sense that it was intentionally made in a lab and because of how the whole plandemic played out – they can’t be that stupid – it was let out on purpose.

    Perhaps in the 2019 flu shots.

    Though it is real, the only thing to fear is the killer cov!d shot, not cov!d itself.

    Everything my gut told me was true about this whole thing VERY early on has come to be true.

    Explain that all those that were part of the lie fearing.

    I am not that smart.

    When I listen to my gut – which is from God – it turns out to be truth, the right thing.

    It is imperative that I continue to trust my common sense, the discernment God gave me and God Himself.

    I know many others have had the same experience as I and pray that everyday more and more will wake up to the truth.

  15. In the interest of Public Health, I need ideas here people, think!

    How do we keep Puckett, from continually getting his head stuck, in the bowling ball return chute?

  16. Nope. SMG. Never existed. ALL a lie to frighten the masses. If people would figure out that there is no such thing as contagion they would be ahead of these fear porn lies “they” used to shut down THE WHOLE WORLD! They are not going to “let out” anything that would be detrimental to themselves. Think about what you are saying. You are in a circular argument with yourself. Virology has been a LIE since day one. It’s a made-up science they use to frighten and control the people. None of it is true. The bioweapons have ALWAYS been the injections that they have convinced everyone to take for eight decades now. They have been playing God and the people have followed along like sheep. NEVER take ANY injections from these criminals. (That’s how you end up getting foreign things in your body that make you sick!) Keep praying for discernment and NOTHING but the truth. You will see that what I am saying is knowledge directly from God. There has never been any such thing as contagion. God created you wonderfully and marvelously so that toxins will be expelled by YOUR OWN body. Satan has convinced people otherwise through the evil ones like the Rockefellers that invented the completely evil medical system.

  17. Lol. Cindy stop spewing truth. It confuses the psy op’d. They mock you when you explain it to them.

    Never took a shot and never wore a mask. I should be dead according to the Mockingbird media. I laughed at my doctor when he told me to read the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Why did they cover up antineoplastons as a cure for brain cancer. How about FBZ to cure cancer. Then HCQ is horse paste to cure fake Covid.

    The Rockefellers are as evil as they come and the simps just keep trusting their TVs.

  18. ” God created you wonderfully and marvelously so that toxins will be expelled by YOUR OWN body.”
    Then explain to me an overdose.

  19. Look Cindy. I’m trying to get Puckett’s head unstuck from a bowling ball chute and you come along, speaking in tongues like your at Jesus Camp.

    It’s no wonder why everyone got face diapered and welded in their homes for two years.

  20. Porky. An overdose is when another man’s load comes out of your nose. How many of those have you survived on Halsted and in the Uprising cream factory?

  21. And Porkboy there is a fungus among us now. You better get yourself and your pet gerbil checked right away. Keep living in fear sport.

  22. C’mon Cindy crickets, you said it now defend it. Or is this just more of your bs.

  23. “President Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorized therapeutic for COVID-19,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement.

    “To the extent possible, we want to ensure that any American patient who needs remdesivir can get it. The Trump Administration is doing everything in our power to learn more about life-saving therapeutics for COVID-19 and secure access to these options for the American people.”

  24. “Keep living in fear sport.” I don’t live in fear. You do.

    You hate blacks, homosexuals, Hispanics, Asians, government and all politicians, every law, education, science and especially change; all part of our society.

    You live in fear not I.

    Society will move forward, inspite of your savior Trump.

  25. Triggered and butthurt again Porky? Time to make the cream filled donuts. Don’t forget your chapstick and remember your boss has a GoFundMe page that’s fleecing people like you. Maybe you should ask it for a raise when you get in today.

  26. Yea Poopstain. Trump also mentioned HCQ and IVM as therapeutics.

    He was relying on Fauci and Birx for guidance at the time.

    We now know alot more now about those 2 liars than we did back then.

  27. MCHD, Deceiving the public and trying to guarantee their high paying jobs. (and get us ready for the next rash of govt. shut downs by the NWO Dems)

    More importantly, Will the whole county board vote to give them bonuses again for acting like Gustapo’s in the third reich, shutting down small businesses, stealing wealth and forcing the population to spend at big box (govt approved) establishments?

  28. So it sounds like Trump got conned. The conman got conned, ironic.

  29. Good thing you ran straight to Google for your approved truth Poopstain. Who programs their search engine again to deliver the truth you need to believe? Oh that’s right they have weekly meetings with our government to coordinate the narrative and what you’re allowed to believe. You should spend some time reading the Twitter file drops by Taibbi. Now there’s some truth the elites didn’t want getting out.

    Quick run to Google. They’ll direct you to the top liberal rags to get their interpretation.

    I bet you think FDA approving a garbage jab under EUA is actual approval. The cluelessness is priceless.

  30. Way to miss the point. Hold my hand, I’ll take you through it.

    You posted the formerfedsgroup link about hospitals killing patients with Remdesivir, I posted a quote from HHS Secretary trumpeting how they supported it.

    You brush it off saying it was Trump was operating on bad intel from Fauci, and they made a similar bad call with Ivermectin.

    Then I show you that the FDA had not made such an endorsement.

    Well, when logic fails I guess it’s just best to accuse Google of being in bed with the government to conspire to make available the information to make you and Trump look stupid.

  31. CINDY, most of what you are saying I agreed with.

    I know that I got Cov!d late 2019, before we even knew about it.

    Trust me when I say I later realized what I had WAS cov!d.

    I have not had ANY injections for years prior, so if you are saying there never was a circulating “virus” to make us sick to get us to take the intended shot (Which I agree that was the goal) then please explain what I had and how I got it.

    It was not the typical flu and NO I do not get the flu shot.

    Stopped that YEARS ago after learning the truth about that.

    I also am not on ANY medications.

    I do not believe in most and avoid at all cost.

    I buy mostly organic and eat as clean and fresh as I can.

    I have lived long enough to know that what I experienced in late 2019 was nothing I have ever experienced before with the destruction of my sense of smell to which I had an amazing sense of prior.

    I would love to hear your explanation of what it was, how I got it and why I loss my sense of smell that had not been regained.

  32. Lol Poopstain. More Google drivel. Now that your an expert on misinformation give me a book report on the Taibbi Twitter files. So easy.

    PS…the government would never lie to you. There’s a cure for that. It’s called a red pill. You should Google that too.


  33. SMG? I hear ya. NO, you didn’t have Covid. It doesn’t exist. In December of 2019, I had an adult granddaughter that got extremely sick. Nothing like any cold or flu ever and yes, it was terrible. I also have a grown daughter in another state that came down with “something” she couldn’t figure out. Left her with no sense of smell for long period of time, lethargy and the whole nine yards. She had never been sick a day in her life before this hit her in August of 2021. NO, they didn’t take any jabs and NO it was NOT Covid. Because, you see, it STILL does NOT exist. People get toxic and their bodies go through detox all the time. You also were probably extremely stressed and thus you had a horrific time. Still all normal for our bodies to do this kind of chemical biological dump. Is it any wonder when we’ve been poisoned for decades?
    The photos they show you of the “virus” are computer graphics. The “virus has NEVER been isolated EVER. Any of them! So it would be some kind of a magic trick for you to get something that never existed.

  34. SMG? Please find copies of “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg and “What Really Makes You Ill?” by Dawn Lester and David Parker for further understanding of how and why you fell ill.

  35. Poop? Let me settle this for ALL of you.They are ALL actors. None of them gives a rats azz about you or anything but themselves. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can move on with your life and enjoy your blessings.

  36. Must be that “new math”
    Have to keep up the scam-demic for prickster emergency reign of terror

  37. Departments of health in every locality have lost all credibility.

    Moved to a conservative county for multiple reasons and I will vote to keep it that way.

    Research your local candidates to make a difference.

    Cindy- I agree with most of your statements, thank you for posting.

    JT- you and Stephen have an interesting relationship and I like your initial posts that have substance… After that not so much (due to someone provoking you with extreme Bidenism).

  38. NotBorn? Thank you for being cognizant enough to understand reality. Bless you and your endeavors.

  39. NBY, when dealing with children like Porky the twinkie you must address them in a way they understand since providing them facts really makes him and his troll farm crazy. I provide facts interspersed with a little bit of humor which also drives the troll farm up a tree. I see NBY you understand the people with TDS or will figure it out over time.

    Cindy warned me when I first started posting here about the troll farm. I believe she said bless your pea pickin heart. In the South that’s an insult but being up here I don’t think she meant it that way. Only Cindy can tell.

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