First It Was Walmart, Now Save-A-Lot Grocery Store Closes in Chicago

From Marathon Pundit:

Chicago Sav A Lot grocery store closed indefinitely after a series of weekend break-ins

It appears that the food-desertification of Chicago is a human-caused, more specifically, a criminal caused event.

Well, not really about the criminals. Crook County has a George Soros-funded catch-and-release prosecutor, Kim Foxx, and Chicago just elected a mayor, Brandon Johnson, who until recently was a defund-the-police advocate.

From Block Club Chicago:

A South Side Save A Lot abruptly closed over the weekend after multiple break-ins, redirecting customers to shop at a recently opened store in Englewood, a co-owner said Monday. 

Save A Lot, 344 E. 63rd St. in Washington Park, closed after at least two break-ins over the weekend, co-owner Michael Nance said. Nance is the co-founder of Yellow Banana, which operates the Washington Park location and six others in Chicago.

“There was a series of pretty bad break-ins at the site over the last couple days,” Nance said. “Windows were broken, security cameras were stolen, merchandise was stolen — there’s a lot of damage to the store. We are in the unfortunate position of not being able to operate that store in its current condition.” 

At one point, employees were cleaning up from the first break-in when “people came back in with weapons,” Nance said. 

Walmart, citing millions in losses, last month closed four Chicago stores


First It Was Walmart, Now Save-A-Lot Grocery Store Closes in Chicago — 3 Comments

  1. A prudent business decision.

    Why go broke catering to blacks?

    They aren’t a charity.

  2. The law biding citizens see a lot and say nothing and then complain about the repercussions.

    Its obvious that they want stores with overpriced items and rude employees behind bullet proof glass.

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