Are We Entering Rosemary Woods Redux Land?

Do you remember the missing minutes of tapes of Richard Nixon?

That’s what was brought to mind by this email summary of a Daily Herald article”

Trump accused of asking staffer to delete Mar-a-Lago footage in classified documents case

The allegations were made Thursday in an updated grand jury indictment that adds new charges against Trump and adds another defendant to the case. Full Story


Are We Entering Rosemary Woods Redux Land? — 21 Comments

  1. If he is not guilty, why all the trouble of hiding his tracks. It’s a witchhunt! lol

  2. I don’t believe anything was deleted.

    Footage showing agents, rifling through Melania’s underwear drawer and trying them on and playing Injun ‘scalpum” in the bathroom with Trump hairpieces, is a definite keeper.

  3. Did daily herald report on any of these this week? I highly doubt it.

    Top 10 headlines the media didn’t tell you this week:

    10. Suspicious circumstances surround tight-lipped Obama Chef drowning case.

    9. Rep. James Comer says President Biden uses offshore bank accounts to hide bribe money.

    8. Early reports reveal Pfizer was aware of Myocarditis side effects yet rushed distribution of their COVID vaccine anyway.

    7. Biden’s DOJ drops campaign finance charges connecting their second largest donor, Sam Bankman-Fried, to the Democratic party.

    6. Mark Zuckerberg’s 𝕏 rival, Threads, has seen a massive decline in users; Elon Musk suggests bots were used to inflate initial sign-up numbers.

    5. Office for National Statistics report reveals that COVID vaccinated have 91% higher death risk than the unvaccinated.

    4. Senators Mitch McConnell (81) and Dianne Feinstein (90) suffer senile episodes on public display, raising concerns on term limits.

    3. LeBron James’ son Bronny James (18) suffers cardiac arrest and grammy winner Tori Kelly (30) hospitalized with blood clots around heart.

    2. Biden White House, FBI, pressured Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to censor Americans.

    1. Trump to impose Death Penalty on Human Traffickers when elected.

    Bonus: The Biden administration has sent more than $100 billion in U.S. weaponry and financial aid to Ukraine in less than a year.

  4. 81 Million Biden votes, Zero Biden flags and 81 Million Trump Flags.

    If you believe Biden won, you are as dumb as he is.

  5. JT is the epitome of man. Speaking of “woods”. JT likes to back his car in when he parks at forest preserves

  6. I guess you guys wasted an awful lot of money on useless merch. How come all the latest Trumpty 2024 flags have dropped mention of JFK Jr?

  7. The coverup often causes more trouble than the crime.

    His own lawyer told him, when asked after the subpoena was served, that, no, we can’t just say we don’t have them.

    None of this would be happening if he’d just returned the government documents when asked.

    Pence was cleared and Biden will be, because they proactively searched, cooperated, and returned documents they had.

    What has not been disclosed is the detailed inventory, and because some are classified, we won’t see all of it.

    The contents may give us an idea why he so wanted to keep them.

    Now, cue the whatabouts and insults.

  8. Biden, Bush, Pence, Clinton all possessed classified docs. Three with no authority to declassify and Marty is hanging his hat on non-cooperation by a guy Trump who had the ability to possess such documents. Would Marty see election interference if it was right in front of his face? Me thinks not.

  9. Trumpty could no longer declassify documents he never actually declassified. Poor Trumpty!

  10. Thanks JT for the what-abouts, as predicted by Martin. Like a kitten with a string.

    “Trump to impose Death Penalty on Human Traffickers when elected.” Except he is not a judge. Won’t preside over a single trial.

  11. “cue the….insults”

    I then put my arm on my boy Martin’s shoulder and said “son if you can’t handle a few scurrying varmints, maybe you’re not cut out for all that McHenry Blog commentary”.

  12. They are arresting janitors, Cal. They’re hoping to intimidate this guy into say whatever they want about Trump to use it as evidence. “Just say Trump did X and we can make this charge go away.” Meanwhile the DOJ decided to charge Hunter Biden, who’s been operating as a bagman for his father (Devon Archer is about to corroborate what Bobulinski and others have been saying for years), with misdemeanors instead of felonies on tax and gun charges, and they purposely let statutes of limitation expire on other charges and are playing the “woopsie” card. It’s obvious what is happening. Hunter is being shielded because they are trying to shield Joe.

    He was getting a sweetheart plea agreement, but a judge read the agreement and decided that it stunk because there was a part in there about if he cooperated he could not be charged in the future regarding not registering as a foreign agent. The judge thought that was fishy, not only because of how broad the immunity was but also because the charges before her were not about registering as a foreign agent. Plus Hunter’s lawyers had made deceptive phone calls to the judge which has landed them in hot water.

    Adding to JT’s list:
    Senate Democrats just blocked an audit of aid to Ukraine.

    SBF who is charged with money laundering and many other things, had his campaign finance charge dropped.

    (His two largest campaign contributions went to a pandemic preparedness organization (27 million) and House Majority PAC, a super pac supporting a Democratic majority (6 million). 365k to DNC, 350k to Vote Rev PAC which focuses on increasing Democratic turnout, 300k Opportunity for Tomorrow a Dem pac, 250 k for DMFI a pro Isreal democrat pac, and 250 k for DCCC. He also gave money to many state chapters of the Democratic Party. He gave 5 k to our own Dick Durbin. You see some Republican stuff, like 50 k for Boozeman and 5k for Thune but it’s mostly Dem.)

    Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan group being shielded, ordered that he does not have to say anymore regarding an investigation into JP Morgan’s dealings with Epstein, saying we don’t really know who knew what when about Epstein so let bygones be bygones, but we hear Epstein arranged meetings between Dimon and Prince Andrew. About a month ago one of the bigshots of JP Morgan, Jim Crown, died in a race car “accident” when his “brakes locked up.” Crown was also involved in the Aspen Institute, a “leadership” focused think tank with hundreds of millions of dollars in cash (they still took millions in PPP loans) and branches in several countries. Aspen Institute has been instrumental in guiding the government about how to combat “disinformation” over the past few years.

    This stuff is sometimes mentioned in the mainstream media, but it’s always some page 17 bottom of the page article or a ten second news segment on TV. The media is too busy talking about who knows what Monkey Pox, Russian pee pee tapes, or whatever. The FBI knew the laptop story was real yet the government put pressure on media and social media companies to shut it down.

    Things are not the way they were when you grew up. You can’t just watch the nightly news and think you know what’s going on. If you’re not actively seeking info you are going to be lost big time. If you are not curious and you just want to be spoonfed what’s happening like a little baby, you are lost.

  13. Well said Correcting. It seems you like to know the truth like some on this blog. We all know who the fools are. LOL. Here they come for rounds 2 and 3.

  14. Great posts by JT and Correcting.

    ALL TRUE!!!

    Get rid of the fake Lopez Avelar, a sewer rat scurring around.

  15. “They are arresting janitors, Cal.”

    They used to arrest plumbers.

  16. A must watch for those that want to be enlightened on how the Marxists have commandeered the Woke(Marxist) LGBTQ to try to further divide us. James Lindsey explains it perfectly in under 30m. Simps and dopers, don’t waste your time, it’s way over your heads to understand what he’s talking about.

    “If you want to control something, call it racist until you control it.”
    – James Lindsey

  17. Probably another brilliant Trump set trap.

    Evil will be going down.

  18. Media doing everything to report the all-out attacks by government on Trump and documents but silent on Biden’s theft of documents since from the time he was a senator.

    Nothing from the government nor media on how many documents, thousands, tens of thousands of documents that Biden had in his garage, house, the college center that was infested by Chinese.

    A halfway decent media here would be pounding away at the government to at least give a number.

    How many tens of thousands of documents did Biden steal they would be asking every day.

    How close is our media to those media in communist countries where they must toe the line else they are thrown in jail?

  19. Outwiththeold, I suspect you are right. Did you catch the anti Trump hit piece Marc Avelar/John Lopez wrote and then hides behind his “no comment unless I personally approve them” tactic. What a dbag.

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