Statement of Black Georgia Ex-Democratic State Rep. on Switching Parties Because of School Choice

From Steven Moore’s Unleash Prosperity Hotline #824 comes this post about the realization by a former Georgia Democratic Party State Representative that Democrats are not interesting in what’s the best way to education children.

It reminds me of how Democrats have failed to eudcation kids in Chicago.

I lived in Illinois since 1958 when Ben Willis was Superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools.

Willis got his start in the part of the country where I spent my first eleven years–the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

He was superindent of a segregated school system there in a Democratic County.

So, I’ve watched as Democrats have miserably failed to educate kids for sixty-five years.

The Democrats are inextricably tied to the teachers unions whose goal is jobs, rather than what is best for the kids.

There are no Black Chicago Democrats as brave as Georgia State Rep. Mesha Mainor, who proved she was willing to place policy above politics.

Georgia State Rep. Mesha Mainor on Why She Switched Parties

School choice is important to me because I am that child that it supports.

I grew up in an area of the west side of Atlanta where right now, the schools and some of them 97% of the kids can’t read, perform simple math.

Mesha, Mainor

It’s dismal.

It’s bleak.

It’s high unemployment, it’s low life expectancy, low graduation rates.

You name it, it is marginalized.

And so this community was the same way it was when I was a little girl.

My mother sent me to another school on another side of town using someone else’s address.

So that was the choice back then.

And today, people are still using people’s addresses to go to schools and other communities, but it’s illegal, and people are going to jail because of that.

And so we cannot let a zip code limit us, especially when the people that are running the schools have the capacity to change the curriculum.

They have the capacity to change the times of the school.

They have the capacity to change the management of the schools.

They have the capacity to give the teachers more opportunities to not be so handcuffed to the system.

Leadership is not doing that.

That leadership is Democrat. Leadership and education is just too important of a value for us to let it go without being focused on a moment longer. I’ve been a Democrat my entire life.

My entire family are Democrats.

I am a Democrat.

I was a Democrat.


Statement of Black Georgia Ex-Democratic State Rep. on Switching Parties Because of School Choice — 14 Comments

  1. There are no Illinois Republicans, that I know, who are as brave as Rep. Mesha Mainor when it comes to the consolidation/elimination of Illinois’ nation leading 9,000 units of local government.

    Note: Georgia does not have township government.

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  5. Who would have ever thought parents would need to switch states to get a proper education for their children?
    But that’s where we are in today’s society.
    Education options are growing in many states, but not Illinois.

    The DemoUnionSocialist hive of political degenerates has seen to that.

    Keep them illiterate and uninformed is clearly the game plan for the
    DemoUnionSocialist party.

  6. Notice how stupid JT is? Always asking everyone else to explain everything to him all the time?

  7. “Why does this Australian idiot remind me of Pokorny?” Delusional thinking.

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