Cary Park District Asks for 7% More

The Cary Park District has published its Black Box ad in the Northwest Herald.

It calls for just under a 7% property tax hike.


Cary Park District Asks for 7% More — 3 Comments

  1. Guess the Swimming and Splash Park they just opened aint cutting it.

    Speaking of which, I have never seen more of a variety of landscape cutting power equipment than the Cary Park District owns.

    My god they have contraptions to cut any and everything that grows, gotta cost baby.

    Instead of more programs for the people they need more landscaping cutting equipment.


  2. Cary park district ask for an increase many years ago to put in a sports complex at Georgetown and first street.

    They got their increase and all we got was a dog park!

    No place for our kids to play sports.

    And the parks they do have they charge our tax paying parents high fees to play there!

    Vote no increase.

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