Message of the Day – Eyes

Rolling eyes, to be more specific.

Rolling eyes of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley while Councilman Jeff Thorsen was asking an extensive list of questions of watershed adviser Gary Schaefer.

And, yes, I did my best with the red eye removal tool.

To show you what was happening before and after, I have posted those photos below.

First is Thorsen, with hands raised, asking a question.

Next, comes the mayor, eyes a rollin’.

Finally, a photo of the mayor and City Manager Gary Mayerhofer conversing. Mayerhofer is reported to have come up with the idea for the baseball stadium.

You can draw your own conclusions of what message the mayor was trying to send the audience about Thorsen’s scrutiny of the watershed ordinance.

Thorsen was proposing, among other ideas, third party oversight of the monitoring and enforcement provisions of the proposal, rather than having it done by the city staff.

By the time the meeting was over, Shepley had endorsed most of Thorsen’s ideas, as he did late in the meeting a month previous.

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