Lake County Sheriff’s Spokesman Running for GOP Committeeman in Cary

Seeing Chris Covelli on the news Wednesday night with regard to the indictment of Fox Lake’s GI Joe’s wife reminded me that I met him at State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Meet and Greet last week at Crystal Lake Rib House. His … Continue reading

Kenneally Sets Meet & Greet

McHenry County candidate for State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally rolls out endorsements on his invitation to a Meet & Greet on January 21st at the Crystal Lake Rib House on Route 176. On the Host Committee are McHenry  County State’s Attorney … Continue reading

Law Enforcement Campaign Signs

It was probably Don Manzullo’s 1992 campaign that started the tradition of politicians’ using the public right-of-way for political signs. That was when he was running against former State Senator Jack Schaffer, McHenry County’s favorite. Schaffer had plenty of sign … Continue reading