Fired Fox River Grove Vegan Teacher Told to Keep Away from Williams Bay Children

From ex-Fox River Grove Grade School District Dave Warwak’s web site with permission:

2 Oct. 2007
Williams Bay, Wisconsin

Dave Warwak received a strong warning today from his hometown police.

The warning came in response to parent and teacher complaints who were in attendance.

Accompanied by his dog, Warwak allegedly entered the town’s annual homecoming parade and passed out small cards to children.

Police stopped Warwak, escorted him home and instructed him to “stay away from the town’s children”.

At particular issue with police was Warwak telling children, Santa Claus is not real.

The card’s front reads:

Remember the Santa Claus lie?
One lie is so bad, some people prefer to keep it hidden.
So hidden, some never find out!
Do you want to live a lie?

The back reads:

Go to your favorite search engine.
Look-up “Factory Farming” Look-up “Vegan”
“Naming a rock, a banana, does not make it food”

A teacher of ten years in Illinois, Warwak was recently fired for his vegan views. Warwak filed an appeal in response to his termination. No date has been set.

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The picture is of the Santa Jet my son made last December.


Fired Fox River Grove Vegan Teacher Told to Keep Away from Williams Bay Children — 4 Comments

  1. Just to clarify your last statement; Warwak was not fired for his views, he was fired for teaching them in art class. Rest assured that if a religious person taught their religious views in art class and refused to stop per the direction of the school district, they would also be fired – and it wouldn’t even be a news story.

  2. Dave Wick wrote, "he was fired for teaching them in art class"

    Not true. I was teaching reality, not my views.

    The State of Illinois encourages teachers to incorporate nutrition in other subjects; however, Fox River Grove School District 3 fires vegan teacher for incorporating nutrition in his art lessons.

    "For example, schools can incorporate nutrition education into numerous daily classroom activities such as math, health, geography and science, by developing lesson plans involving fruits and vegetables"

  3. Wow, Warwak’s a wingnut of the first order.

    A delusional child-abuser.

    He shouldn’t be teaching, he should be in prison.

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