Dick Tracy for County Seal

If knowledgeable folks keep talking about people running for dog catcher, which is not elected anywhere I know, why not run for county seal?

Allan Showalter has proposed the head and name of Dick Tracy for the center of a new county seal.

“With Dick Tracy’s link to the County, his visage is as legitimate a choice as Lincoln is for seemingly every third governmental and commercial emblem in the State of Illinois,” the Heck of a Guy blog author writes.

I think it works.

It works on a level that nothing anyone else can come up will.

The reason?

If adopted, it will achieve nationwide, perhaps, worldwide, recognition for McHenry County.

It might even shame local folks with money to finance the re-opening of the Dick Tracy Museum.

It might turn the courthouse and government center into a tourist trap.

Offices with seals might sell embossed copies to the public.

Colorists might buy them in quantity to sell in local tourist traps. They might even turn into a source of revenue for a Dick Tracy Museum.

“Now, turn your gaze upon those two proposed designs or the current McHenry County Seal or any other county seal you like. Compare, contrast, consider, discuss.”

“Baldly put, such designs are, unless one has the ESP-level sensitivity required to recognize that squarish graphic on the left side of the two proposals, the one that looks like adjacent Ethernet and USB sockets, as (I think) the County Administration Building, just two more examples of the hundreds of imminently forgettable permutations of similar if not identical generic emblems that comprise the typical county seal,” Showalter imaginatively concludes.

This idea has more pizzazz than anything I have seen in Showalter’s previous and facetious suggestions for a new county seal.

There are copyright problems, but, given the generosity of the Chester Gould family, I think they could be worked out.

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