Cherry Vale Mall Would-Be Black Muslim Terrorist Bomber Sentenced to Over Three Decades

Black Muslim terrorist Derrick Shareef has been sentenced for planning to put hand grenades in garbage cans at Rockford’s Cherry Vale Male. Arrested in early December, 2006, he plead guilty last November.

Before moving to Rockford, he roomed with a terrorist in Arizona.

He was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

According to WIFR,

“Twenty-four old Derrick Shareef will spend at least the next three decade in prison. Sentenced to 35 years for plotting to put hand grenades in garbage cans at Cherryvale Mall at Christmas time.

“Bob Holley with the FBI Counter-Terrorism Ops said,’35 years on a guy that had the intent to hurt people – we’re happy with this sentence.’

“But Shareef told the court quote, ‘My intention was to bring victory to Islam, not to hurt people.’”

If you haven’t read McHenry County Blog’s story about what this Black Muslin terrorist said about Jews and whites, you should. No where else has the court record been published.

And, if you read that he was a Black Muslim any place else, please let me know.

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