No Word from Jack Franks Yet

It’s after Labor Day.

That’s when McHenry County State Representative Jack Franks said he was going to decide what he was going to run for.

Will it be governor?

Since Franks is against an income tax hike and Governor Pat Quinn and State Comptroller Dan Hynes are both on record as being in favor of an income tax hike, there is an opening.

A Democrat against an income tax hike?

When I was running against Rod Blagojevich in 2002, he came out against an income tax increase. 

And Franks says he’s against an income tax hike.

There would be that little matter of feeding the Democratic Party interest groups, however.

And he has just been named a

“Taxpayer Friend”

by Jim Tobin’s National Taxpayers United of Illinois. 
He ranks as high as any Republican!

Or will he run for state representative, the “walk in the park” option?

Or lieutenant governor, an office, he might very well be able to pick off?  But will he be willing to stake his future on a tax hike promising Quinn or Hynes?

He could run for one of the financial offices where he could use his banking background?

In any event, it’s past Labor Day.

Folks are waiting in McHenry County. 

Vacating the legislative seat could set off quite a primary election among Republicans.  Maybe a Democrat will even file to replace Franks.

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In the photo of the Rod Blagojevich Impeachment Committee hearing, State Rep. Jack Franks shakes hands with U.S. Senator Roland Burris after Burris’ testimony.

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