Harris Bank Marks Crystal Lake Amcore Branch

The Route 14 side of Crystal Lake's Amcore Bank branch on the very misty day when it re-opened as a branch of Harris Bank.

I drove over to the Crystal Lake Branch of what used to be Amcore Bank this morning before the doors open, but after the drive-in window were available to customers.

There were folks in offices looking at paper, maybe from the FDIC.

Cars in yesterday's Crystal Lake Amcore, now Harris Bank parking lot on the day after the takeover.

Lots more cars in the parking lot than when the Feds seized the bank.

Message from Harris Bank mainly to its new customers.

On the front door was a notice from Harris Bank saying it had taken over operation and how it was “pleased to “serve all of our new and valued customers.”

Continue using your own branch is the message to both new and former Harris customers. Notice will be sent when the systems are merged.

FDIC Press Release about the takeover of Amcore by Harris Bank at the drive-in window.

On the window next to the drive-up station, there was a press release from the FDIC. No way a customer could read it, but I I published it yesterday.


Harris Bank Marks Crystal Lake Amcore Branch — 1 Comment

  1. Again, just to clear things up, Amcore never reopened as Harris, the building sits empty. There were no “feds” that siezed the bank. The “folks in offices looking at papers” were employees that worked at the bank. The bank continued to function as Amcore until the 20th when Harris was able to process Amcore transactions. That is when Amcore closed for good, with the exception of a couple branches such as Woodstock.

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