Special Interests for Jack Franks Mainly Unions, but “Sheriff of McHenry County” on List

Gone is the informal cook's characterture of last year's invitation.

The invitation is out for State Rep. Jack Franks October fund raiser. That’s the one where he solicited all over McHenry County and beyond building a political base for his anticipated run for the United States Congress in 2012.

As McHenry County Blog did last year, the names of the hosts will be published.

The invitation this year does not use the characterture that graced last year’s invitation.  This one looks more dignified.

The 2010 fund raising invitation is more dignified.

Here are the special interest groups who have signed on to State Rep. Jack Franks’ fund raising 2010 Host Committee:

  • Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
  • BNSF Railway
  • Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen
  • Carpenters Local 2087
  • Elevator Constructors Local 2
  • Fraternal Order of Police, IL State Lodge
  • IBEW Local 117
  • IBEW Local 134
  • Illinois AFL-CIO
  • Illinois Bankers Association
  • Illinois Education Association
  • Illinois Pipe Trades
  • Ironworkers Local 1
  • Labors Local 1035
  • Laborers’ International Union – Midwest Region
  • Local 11 Cement Masons
  • McHenry County Building Trades Council
  • Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association
  • Northern Illinois Fire Protection Districts
  • Plumbers Local 93
  • Police Benevolent PAC
  • Rockford-Area United Auto Workers 265
  • Sheriff of McHenry County
  • United Transportation Union

The invitation says that Lisa Madigan and Jesse White will be attending Franks’ breakfast fundraiser on October 2nd at the Bull Valley Country Club.

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Compare the logo on the golf ball with the Jack Franks’ sticker being distributed at the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade.


Special Interests for Jack Franks Mainly Unions, but “Sheriff of McHenry County” on List — 4 Comments

  1. I have often wonder Ms. Madigan never looked into sheriff Nygrens dealings. I now know why. She must have received her “good old boy” membership card. I am still a little confused I thought you had to be either a die hard hate any Democrat, Republican, like Nygren, or a confused demopublican like jack, to get a card.

    It is shame full to see two allegedly strong democrats like Ms. Madigan and Mr. White “honoring” a demopublican like jack. Jack has done nothing for any democrat in Mchenry county running for office. He embraces the strong republicans even gives them money. Hey thats an interesting question: If Ms. Madigan and Mr. White give money to Jack and he gives money to Nygren doesen’t that mean Ms. Madigan’s and Mr. White’s money go to Nygren also?

    Its very interesting who’s not on the list:Lori McConville Dem for county board, Mark Booras dem for county board, David Miller Dem for controller, Robin Kelly Dem for treasurer, Oh yeah how about Mike Mahon Dem for McHenry county sheriff, I do see the REPUBLICAN for Mchenry county sheriff.

    Jack Franks a Democrat? Don’t make me laugh. If the people of McHenry county let a guy like John O’Neill slip by then they deserve a turn coat like Jack and all his friends.

    I wonder how Jack will fare when the special proscuter starts his investigation? To bad Lou didn’t invite Lisa Madigan to his fund raiser things may have turned out different.

  2. Ever wonder why the Reps did not have anyone running against Franks??

    John O did it basically on his own with grass roots help. 0

    Ever wonder why the Dems did not have anyone running against Nygren. Mahon is not getting help from Franks.

    John O’Neill is not getting any help from Nygren.

    O’Neill is the guy to vote for.

  3. Earth Mamma. You have finally posted something I can agree with.


    While Franks is actually a very good Republican and does bring some bacon back to McHenry County, I would prefer an actual Republican to represent us, not a Democrat. LOL. Always wondered why Franks didn’t switch parties. Guess he doesn’t need to.

    Big surprise, beyond the Republican and Democrat Party, there is an Incumbent Party comprised of Ds and Rs. Althoff, Tryon, Nygren, etc., etc., etc. are not lining up to support O’Neill. Whiel they are all supportive of O’Neill, Political Survival 101 texctbook says that incumbents will leave each other alone party irrespective. That is why Franks NEVER backs any Democratic candidates.

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