Dump Jack Franks = Dump Mike Madigan

That could have been the campaign theme against Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks this year if the McHenry County Republican Party had fielded a candidate.

Playing into what is going to be a campaign to demonize Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan is a front page story on the Northwest Herald that has his picture and the negative things said about him by Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady Congressman Joe Walsh.

See “Auditioning at the State GOP Convention for Illinois Scott Walker” for more detail about what Brady and Walsh said than is in the NWH Associated Press story.

AP quotes Brady thusly,

“The message we’re going to drive home is that a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Michael Madigan.”

That this is a search and rescue dog does not quite fit the role that the McHenry County Republican Party has taken in Illinois politics this year. But, if the local GOP were a dog, it would be rolling on its back waiting for Democrat Jack Franks to run its tummy. “Good boy. Nice doggy. I like you when you don’t try to bite me,”  Franks might say.

That’s pretty much what was in my article, “Every Democrat Is a Vote for Mike Madigan for House Speaker.”

If the Republican Party had put up a candidate for State Representative against Jack Franks, the NWH might have called Tonya Franklin (the only person who offered to run against “Chainsaw Jack”) and she could have said,

“That’s exactly why I am running.  If we can get rid of Jack Franks, we can get rid of Mike Madigan.”

But, no, the McHenry County GOP acted like a doggy in need of some loving.

It rolled over on its back and awaits the Marengo Democrat to run its tummy.


Dump Jack Franks = Dump Mike Madigan — 8 Comments

  1. Joe Walsh hates him?

    That’s good enough for me!

    Keep up the good work Mike!

  2. So, since Mike Tryon voted for Mike Madigan as speaker, does that mean that a vote for Republicans is a vote for Madigan also…?

    P.S. – Tonya is a Tea Party hack that, in announcing her candidacy, claimed Rep. Franks was for expanding Obamacare when

    in reality – something you don’t live in Cal Junior – Franks voted against expanding a provision of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacares’s real name for all you lost is demagogue land) to Cook County the day before Tonya accused him of perpetrating the liberal agenda.

    If Tonya had run, she most certainly would have lost and will lose if her future plans involve anything more than bar tending, continuing being a hobbit, or self proclaimed terrorist as said on Facebook.

  3. How about a review of “Chainsaw” Jack Franks’ choice Bills and voting record.

    The most recent is “Clear(tree chopping) Cut Bill”. (ComEd’s buddy)

    The Drain O and alike Bill. (Merchant keeps log of name & ID of customer’s purchase)

    Co-Sponsored Bill for Red-Light Cameras in Illinois. (Thanks Jack )

    Authorized Civil Unions.

    Authorized Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning.

    Voted No to Prohibit Text Messaging while driving.

    Voted Yes for Abortion Notification Bill. (Allows minors to obtain abortions)

    Voted No for Free Public Transportation for Seniors.

    Good Boy Jack…go rub the tummy of the McHenry County GOP.

  4. Good to see the obsession from the left with me continues.

  5. I was asked by Andrew Gasser about my thoughts on Obamacare being implemented 2 yrs ahead of schedule in Illinois.

    I gave a response before the vote, that response was printed in this blog after the vote.

    I called Jack Franks’ office before the ruling on Obamacare and the person who answered the phone said they didn’t know what I was talking about.

    They told me Jack Franks was not involved with a vote on Obamacare.

    Within 2 days of that call Jack voted no…..and Obamacare early implementation was passed anyway.

    A fact I am sure Jack was aware of, just like they knew he would have a vote.

    You can spin it anyway you like, it still doesn’t make your version true Robert Fisher.

    As for a Hobbit and a terrorist……John McCain called Tea Party members Hobbits, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Resident obama and others labeled Americans who got off the couch and got involved as Terrorists…..I merely was quoting them.

    You are a tool and not a very sharp one.

  6. ……Tonya accused him of perpetrating the liberal agenda. Please explain. I did not accuse him of anything.

  7. I must go now…..I actually have a job teaching adult medical students.

    I know the facts don’t support your agenda but do try to keep it straight or run the risk of looking silly.

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