Paula Yensen’s Big Day

Paula Yensen

Paula Yensen

On Monday morning, the top ranking official labeled a Democrat will have her spot in the sun.

Named head of the Management Services Committee, Lake in the Hills McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen is chairing her first big meeting.

At it will be discussed whether a referendum should be put on the April ballot asking voters if they want to elect the Chairman of the County Board in an at-large election.  (See my Wednesday article.)

Since the deadline is rapidly approaching for placing such a referendum om the ballot and the agenda does not indicate any action will be taken, getting the issue before the County Board will take some fancy footwork.

Here are the committee members:

  • Chairman: Paula Yensen
  • Vice-Chairman: John Hammerand
  • Member: Donna Kurtz
  • Member: Anna May Miller
  • Member: Ersel Schuster
  • Member: Michael Skala
  • Member: Michael Walkup

The outgoing County Board managed to put a tax hike on the April ballot.

Of course, a majority of the County Board may not favor electing the County Board Chairman.


Paula Yensen’s Big Day — 3 Comments

  1. Ersel Schuster? Yikes, she is Linda Moore’s campaign manager!

    But that’s great, because Schuster’s campaign tactics resulted with Schuster being defeated by challenger James Kagel, via a preliminary vote of 500-216. Better than 2-1.

    Moore’s defeat is expected to be by larger margins!

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