Irene Napier Pens Support of Pro-Life Candidates in Algonquin & Nunda Townships

Look what I found distributed by the Crystal Lake Tea Party:


For what it is worth here are my personal recommendations for Nunda Township (of which I am a resident)

  • Road Commissioner: Rob Parrish
  • Supervisor: Bridgett Provenzano
  • Clerk: Angela Koscavage

Township Polling places:

Letter from Irene Napier in support of Pro-life candidates in Algonquin Township:

Irene Napier at the annual Pro-Life Pig Roast, usually held at her farm.

Irene Napier at the annual Pro-Life Pig Roast, usually held at her farm.

Dear Pro-Life Supporter,

I was going to sit this election out, but two Pro-Lifers running for Algonquin Township Trustee are being slandered.

One is Melissa Sanchez, a 22-year old recent college grad (who has a job already!). Melissa, from Lake in the Hills, took a bus to the Pro-Life Washington demonstration three years ago and ended up meeting the young man she is going to marry. She is running with Larry Emery of Crystal Lake.

The key issue is pay raises voted for by three incumbent Trustees—Dan Shea and Lowell Cutsforth, plus Linda Lance, running for Township Clerk.

Both Melissa and Larry are being accused of voting to raise their own salaries.

The absurdity of the falsehood being spread is obvious when you think about it.

How could two candidates who are not in office have voted to raise their own salaries?

Such a “Big Lie” approach has been used successfully in politics before.

Shame on us if we let it work next Tuesday, when the Republican primary election is held.

What kind of a world do we live in when supporters of politicians spread outright lies about a recent retiree and a young woman inspired to try to improve things by entering public service?

Shouldn’t we be encouraging people like her and her friend Larry Emery, another Pro-Lifer, to stay involved in a political process that most of us would rather ignore because it is so often so dirty?

To summarize, there are three people on the ballot who voted to raise township salaries:

  •         Dan Shea running for Trustee
  •         Lowell Cutsforth running for Trustee
  •         Linda Lance running for Clerk

There is one candidate, a current Trustee, running for re-election who led the fight to cut salaries

  •         a Pro-Lifer named Russ Cardelli.

And there are the two candidates opposed to higher salaries who are being lied about

  •         Melissa Sanchez
  •         Larry Emery

Finally, a well-known Pro-Lifer named

  •         Chuck Lutzow

is running for Township Clerk against a woman who voted to raise salaries.

Vote as you please, but please vote.

Irene Napier


Irene Napier Pens Support of Pro-Life Candidates in Algonquin & Nunda Townships — 13 Comments

  1. Yeah, well Irene doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore

  2. This was a great read. I sent this to the voters who were kind enough to share their emails. I just asked two questions.
    1- For those who have voted, read below to see if you voted wisely to save your money.
    2- If you have not voted, read this blog first, then vote.

  3. Shame on you “The Mrs.”,

    Irene Napier is a wonderful woman with a rich history in McHenry County Politics and Life. Her opinion is HIGHLY valued by MANY citizens in our area and her followers/supporters are considered some of our mostly highly regarded locals.

    I think your comment was both unprovoked and highly disrespectful.

    Historically speaking, Mrs. Napier ALWAYS does her homework on the candidates and chooses her endorsements wisely.

    Hats off to you, Mrs. Napier, you are admired, and MANY of my friends feel the same way.

  4. LOL…..”Mrs.” just put for the strongest argument the “Pro-Choice” side has.

    Irene, you are awesome.

  5. This release just shows that the Tea Party is out of touch.

    Provenzano for Supervisor?

    the least prepared for the position of any candidate in any race and just chasing a paycheck.

    No problems though- she don’t know what’s going to hit her in April.

  6. Quite rude that someone would talk about such a great lady like that.

    FYI the MRS is Donna Kopsell!

  7. wow a republican is going to have a real hard time against a disgruntled employee independent candidate in a republican township.

    I’ve seen what the provanzanos are capable and the last place I would want to be is in their way…

  8. I guess one shouldn’t talk politics, in the comments section of a political blog, it just would be too rude.

    And polite society demands that we not do that.

    It is unfortunate that someone hasn’t voiced some concern that a candidates pro or anti stance on abortion is relevant how?

    I am sure someone would make the argument that it somehow is shorthand for their moral stand in life — and after you make that argument (or while you are) please don’t be offended if I sleep.

  9. Thank you very much for all you do Ms. Irene Napier…helping to protect the most defenseless in our society, and supporting those that fight alongside with you.

    You are a true champion of an American woman.

    I am glad that we have had the chance to meet.

    God bless.

    Your friend in Island Lake.

  10. Ms. Karen Sussin…thank you for honoring your family name by not being afraid to to freely express yourself as an American.

    I find it nauseating that Americans throw dirt at other Americans…while hiding behind ficticious “cute” names that they want to be known by…or rather, not known at all.

    Very cowardly of them…

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