Daytime Burlaries in Marengo

From Kristin Ottolino of Citizens Alert Social Media Network

To All Concerned McHenry County Citizens,

I apologize for not getting this out to you earlier. I just got back from vacation, but sent this out to you as soon as I returned.

Please scroll down to see the email below that was sent to us from the Chief of Police of Marengo regarding the day time burglaries in Marengo from September 29th and October 2nd.

Stay safe, stay vigilant,
Kristin Ottolino

If you know of anyone that would like to be added to this list, please have them email me.

At any time, if you would like to be removed from this list, send me an email and I will remove you.


We recently received reports of several day time burglaries to residences as follows:

September 29th – 900 block of Beaver Pond Drive

900 block of Beaver Pond

900 block of Beaver Pond

October 2nd – 700 block of East Prairie Street

700 block of East Prairie

700 block of East Prairie

October 2nd – 200 block of West Ford Street

200 block of West Ford

200 block of West Ford

In each case there were no signs of forced entry meaning access may have been gained through unlocked doors or windows.

Items taken include money, coins, stereo equipment and one weapon. These cases remain under investigation at this point.

Please remember to secure your residences and contact police if you observe any suspicious activity as it is occurring.

Marengo Police Chief Joseph M. Hallman

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