Pro-Lifers Endorse Cook, Reject Barb Wheeler, for 14th District State Central Committeeman

A press release from local Pro-Life groups:

Right to Life Groups Endorse Bob Cook for 14th State Central Committeeman

Crystal Lake, Illinois, April 16, 2014 – In a unanimous vote the officers of Lake and McHenry County Right to Life groups voted to endorse Bob Cook for 14th demonstrated his dedication to family values such as protecting the lives of the unborn.

Before his talk, Congressman Randy Hultgren chatted with McHenry County Pro-Life "Godmother" Irene Napier.

Before his talk, Congressman Randy Hultgren chatted with McHenry County Pro-Life “Godmother” Irene Napier.

Also campaigning for the position is current state representative Barbara Wheeler whose recent campaign contributions and endorsement of candidates not supporting the Right to Life community’s traditional marriage stance has raised questions about her policy positions.

The groups stressed that trust was a critical factor in reaching their endorsement decision.

“Barb has proven to be untrustworthy in the defense of these positions,” said Bonnie Quirk of the Lake County Right to Life.

The group looks forward to working with Bob Cook and helping the party to represent the traditional values the families of the 14th Congressional State Central Committeeman. Bob Cook has congressional district so dearly adhere to.

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Congressman Randy Hultgren has endorsed State Rep. Barb Wheeler.


Pro-Lifers Endorse Cook, Reject Barb Wheeler, for 14th District State Central Committeeman — 11 Comments

  1. Appears the pro-lifers are at odds with the Pope on at least one issue.

    Goes to show you that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

  2. Pray committeemen see through the Wheeler Republican charade.

  3. Wheeler has become a huge disappointment.

    She’s only doing what she is instructed to do by the powers-that-be, and it will not bode well for her.

    Disappointed in Hultgren for endorsing Barb Wheeler.

    Jim B, what the heck are you talking about?

    There was no mention of the Pope in this post, and anyway, the Pope hasn’t changed anything nor can he.

    As my priest said, “The Pope hasn’t said anything different, he is just saying it differently.”

  4. PC pay attention, the Pope said “who am I to judge” gays and other non-believers….maybe the right to lifers stance on “traditional marriage” is off base.

    It’s about time that Republicans get off the abortion issue and democrats get off “gun control” and start running our country in way it can survive.

  5. Jim B. Maybe it’s time for everyone to realize that there is coordinated attack on morality.

    Forget about the party labels.

    The gun control campaign and the gay agenda have a common goal – the destruction of a once great society.

    Traditional marriage has a solid moral foundation.

    Can’t wait for the reconciliation of Islam and the LGBT agenda.

  6. I wish the McHenry County Republican Party would focus on eliminating taxing districts like townships instead of focusing on social issues.

    We need to get our finances straight before we think about legislating morality.

    Thank God Pope Francis said ‘who is he the judge if a gay or lesbian is trying to find Jesus.’

    It would be great if McHenry County Christians could be more like the pope instead of being judgemental.

  7. I am an ardent Pro-Life supporter and a strong supporter of the Traditional Family.

    So is Barb Wheeler.

    To suggest otherwise identifies you as an idiot.

    Bonnie Quirk is a nice lady; but she gets too emotionally attached to people like Nick Provenzano.

    This obvious “political payback” for Ms. Wheeler supporting the Pro-Life McClellan is an inept political move by an out of touch overly sensitive social political leader.

    The Pro-Lifers should be grateful to the decades of work by people like Ms. Quirk.

    But, Bonnie, you’re behaving quirky here.

    Nick Provenzano, get over it dude.

  8. The Pope meant who is he to judge because GOD is the ultimate judge.

    Barb Wheeler endorsed Tom Cross a pro abortion supporter and was the deciding vote on same sex marriage.

    It’s all about destroying the family.

  9. So, with that logic ALL Catholic Pro-Life/Pro-Family Republicans who support their Leader (standard political procedure) are violating their Catholic Faith….despite their own personal votes for the Traditional Family and the Unborn.

    Whew….”Proud Conservative”: What part of Fantasyland do you visit routinely in WDW?

  10. I wonder how many of these pro life women ever had abortions.

    Are they against all wars and do they think there should be background checks for guns to keep them out of the hands of mentally unstable people and criminals.

    These are things that take life away also. These people are playing on peoples’ emotions.

    We all have free will.

    God gave it to us.

    Only God will judge us; humans are imperfect and not all knowing.

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