Real Estate Tax Burden Shift for Seniors

Even those with paid mortgages continue to have to pay to live in their homes.

Seniors with assessment freezes will probably pay higher taxes next year because other people’s assessments are going down.

Senior citizens who are eligible for the senior citizen assessment freeze got a surprise last year.

Their tax bills went up.

That’s because other people’s assessments went down.

It’s called “burden shift.”

The tax burden was shifted from non-seniors to seniors.

The same thing will probably happen again this year.

The reason is that other people’s assessments are going down again.


Real Estate Tax Burden Shift for Seniors — 1 Comment

  1. Our Rulers (Not Leaders; Leaders put themselves at risk alongside those they lead) have socially engineered us into becoming an adversarial society.

    Rather than working together toward mutually beneficial goals, we are pitted against one another like rival gangs in a prison yard. (Rulers are smart about dispersion of aggressive tension toward ancillary targets).

    We now are encouraged to fight against one another for scraps (for our very survival) by seeking lowered assessments.

    The amount of scraps thrown to us diminishes annually, and the amount of potential energy it takes to MAKE those scraps rises yearly.

    For purposes of this metaphor, we are in a prison, the County Hierarchy is the Warden.

    The Warden has the legal right to constrain our actions and demand our servitude.

    Any tax amount that we are unable to pay renders us powerless to maintain ownership rights of our homes and property.

    If we were to focus on the fact that fealty payments demanded by this particular Warden were too high (peer comparisons: nowhere in America are homeowners subjected to such fealty rates)then the Warden’s position might be jeopardized.

    Prisoners in these conditions attack one another (for one example by seeking lower assessments at the expense of other prisoners).

    The distraction of fighting other similarly-situated prisoners diverts attention from the Warden who is enjoying the profits generated by governing a population of prisoners.

    This is not to advocate a prison break or riot, this is to point out that we should focus on the obscenely high spending by all taxing bodies within this County rather than cannibalizing one another for bare moment-to-moment subsistence.

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