$4.9 Million Hartland Township Home Grossly Underassessed

Crain’s Chicago Business is reporting the sale of a home in Hartland Township for “almost $4.9 million.”

Marked down from an original asking price of $7.5 million in 2012.

This year’s property tax bill is $31,837.06.

The Hartland Township Assessor set the property’s value at $965,010.

That was lowered by about 3.5% by the McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments.

That’s according to this year’s tax bill.

Is it percentage of market value (its effective tax rate) higher or lower than yours?

Want to find it?

19,802 Dunham Road, Woodstock, IL.

19,802 Dunham Road, Woodstock, IL.

The address is 19,802 Dunham Road, Woodstock.

Any local government can appeal the property’s assessment.


$4.9 Million Hartland Township Home Grossly Underassessed — 13 Comments

  1. Not unusual- a home at 3004 Raffel Rd. in Greenwood Township sold for $155,000 in 2009, but was assessed for a whopping $1,100 last year- quite a deal.

  2. Property taxes are too subjective by the assessor.

    If they were fair when one house in an area had their taxes lowered all of the other houses would be looked at for reassessment.

    Property taxes should be abolished.

    You may not like income tax, sales tax, users fees but they are at least based on some objective fact.

  3. Township Consolidation could help this issue.

    Too many assessors.

    Better oversight with less assessors, supervisors, etc.

    Smaller government is a better situation.

    Yes, some people will loose jobs, but should all of those government job been there to begin with?

    More and more area annexed to municipalities and we no longer need all of this government.

  4. this is not a victimless crime.

    when one home is under-assessed, all other homes must pay more ( an overall higher tax RATE) to make up for the underpayment.

    what is legal recourse by taxpayers for cases like this?

  5. Ok great but who cares?

    My Assessed Valuations went done but I still paid more this year.

    Assessor gets off the complaint hook, with the disclaimer in the website, to contact your three hundred or so taxing entities about how much your paying.

  6. Everyoneshould care.

    Our tax rates are a function of the presumptive fair sharing of tax burden divided among property value.

    When one individual is given a special deal ( lower assessment than another individual with similar property), it leads directly to higher tax RATES.

    That means we all have to pay a little more each to make up for the discount this one individual received.

  7. Un. Real.

    How does a $5 million home pay just over twice as my $350k dwelling?

    How does this owner get away with this lowball assessment?

  8. For JamesK: Just how will township consolidation solve this?


    The LOGICAL conclusion would be that CONSOLIDATION would make the situation worse!!!

    This is another item to bring up at next week’s Consolidation Task Force meeting.

    Transferring Assessor duties to the County will make the current Assessment process even worse than it already is!!!

    This property was the Tortorello Estate.

    Based on the sales date posted on the County P & D website, this property was last sold in December of 1997 for $250,000.

    My guess is that the House was built on the property subsequent to that.

  9. Township consolidation will decrease the number of employees. Elect new and better assessors and need less of them. We are paying for snow removal for a low amount of roads. There are road commissioners that count the mileage of what they maintain by counting each side of the street – doubling it. The Township Supervisors are not really necessary any longer. An example is the general assistance program for those in need – well, some townships are giving out a whopping $1,000. a year and getting a very good salary and insurance for that. General assistance is redundant. Other local organizations serve the same purpose and not out of tax money. THERE IS A LOT OF WASTE.
    The supervisor also is chairman of the board of trustees. Not needed. Sit there to run a meeting and getting a good $ for it. Some of these meetings last a whopping 15 minutes or even less. No one attends them so they just zip through. Paying a lawyer to sit there (in some townships) and do nothing. Many more responsible townships only have a lawyer present if there is something on the agenda that would require it. LOTS OF WASTE.

  10. James K, when was the last time that you were at your township meeting.

  11. james k, I’d agree the supervisors office has problems with efficiency, but the rest of your comment is kind of nonsense.

    Name on Road commissioner that doesn’t use center line miles as a measurement for roads they maintain?

    Assessors better if at the county, more nonsense as they are all human, and humans make mistakes.

    Less elected employees but not less people doing the work unless services are cut.

    Good luck with that.

    Lots of waste in all gov, and the only way to try and control that is by controlling taxes and spending by each gov agency.

  12. james why would you like longer Twh meetings if there is nothing really to discuss?

    Most of the citizen complaints are already dealt with promptly, smaller gov is that way friend, not so much with big gov though.

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