NWH Poll Finds 52% Opposed to Buying Land to Expand Randall Road

An online poll was conducted by the Northwest Herald on Wednesday asking whether readers agreed with the McHenry County Board’s authorizing land acquisition for improving Randall Road.

The results in the afternoon were

  • No – 52%
  • Yes – 32%
  • Undecided – 16%

When the NWH shut it off at 9 PM, the results were the same.

202 people had logged in for the afternoon count.

Although the question made no mention of the amount involved, it was $10 million, the majority of which could have gone to lower property taxes.


NWH Poll Finds 52% Opposed to Buying Land to Expand Randall Road — 9 Comments

  1. Well MAYBE the NWH actually did an accurate poll.

    This project is disturbing on so many levels !

    I hope that that county board YES VOTERS will
    Take heed of this information & rethink this
    Project & it’s UNpopularity !

  2. Would be interesting to see a breakdown of the planned $10 Million expenditure.

    The poll is accurate in what it measures.

    Which is people on the Northwest Herald site answering the poll.

    That may not be particularly useful for a number of reasons.

    Not sure how they account for repeat votes from the same device, and irregardless someone could vote multiple times from different devices.

    And someone could tell all their friends to vote.


    Maybe someone has done a comparison of an online newspaper poll to a different type of poll to determine the margin of error, but even then, each online newspaper poll would be unique.

  3. I have walked much of that corridor myself just asking people what they think about it and the costs involved… this poll is not accurate.

    There are many more people against this than for it.

    However, we have politicians who want it so it gets pressed through.

    What happens when the board changes?

    What happens if the county spends $15 million in land acquisition only to find out the county did not need all the land purchased?

    There are so many unanswered questions.

    It is not that I am against everything like some of my colleagues like to point out privately – I actually want double turn lanes from Randall to Algonquin.

    However, I never supported the gold plated BS (ie the CFI) or this current option either.

  4. Mark? You can’t repeat vote.

    Most sites are set up to have the vote button greyed out after you vote once. Online polls measure nothing, so alabama is right.

    Andrew is right, also. Don’t put any stock in polls.

    The only people that are supporting this fiasco are the ones indoctrinated in ICLEI or too stupid to know that this will cost them way too much before they realize what has happened.

  5. Wow, so the Cindy says I’m an idiot for using google but doesn’t know how cookies work.


    Cindy, please keep up talking about agenda 21.

    It makes me look like Ronald Reagan!

    Btw, Alex Jones called and he wants his BS talking points back

  6. Some online polls check ip addresses instead_of/in_addition_to using cookies, but not many media polls bother with that.

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