Analysis of Marengo Mayor Election

Commenter “Brett Stephans” offers this analysis of the defeat of Don Lockhart as Mayor of Marengo by John Koziol:

Mayor and Mrs. Don Lockhart rode in a convertible at the Settlers Days Parade.

Honestly, saying that Jack Franks endorsement cost Lockhart the Mayor of Marengo position.

(Here is the article under which this comment was posted: Jack Franks Made Robo-Call for Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart.)

Is an overkill. What cost Lockhart the Mayor position are the following:

(1) The increasing cost of water. Koziol posted on local FB pages the increasing cost of water/sewer for Marengo residents. The rates have continued to increase and people are sick of the increasing water/sewer rate.

(2) With the increase in the rate of water, the quality is rather poor. Again their are a lot of yellowish/tan water pictures residents have posted on FB.

(3) the NWHerald, within a week of the election had an article related to a decrease in the credit rating for the city.

All 3 of these primary issues Koziol posted on FB and said that he would change all of them. People are sick of their water rates and water quality.

I don’t believe Jack Franks robo calling the area played any part in the downfall of Lockhart.


Analysis of Marengo Mayor Election — 10 Comments

  1. ‘Stephans’ may be partially right ….. all of those rotten things worked against Lockheart who dreamed he had a ‘lock’ on the mayorship.

    So, the fatcat (literally, from the pix) Lockheart knew his ship was listing the last week of the campaign, and called in a political chit to the Jackal to help bail him out.

    Robocalls are relatively cheap, I understand.

    Lockheart made a calculation that a call from The Jackal would gain him votes … esp. if Republicans were culled out of the steadily diminishing landline phone list.

    He probably whined to The Jackal that the race was ‘close’… so he called in his political chits to The Jackal.

    Jackal had to make a quick determination to permit the call …. and record it (if he was indeed the Robo-caller … was he???)

    I don’t think The calculating Jackal would stick his paw out if he knew Lockheart’s candidacy was doing the Titanic thing …. what would be in it for the Jackal if the call was rather pointless?

    [That’s why many Dems in the County hate the Jackal, bc he never lifted a finger for sure losers EVER. Go ask Mr. Waltmire about that, BTW]

    So, ‘Stephans’ who could very well be The Jackal himself or a Jackal-minion (I guess that would the poster a hyena, heh, heh) reels this spin out about the Robocall as a face-saving damage control.

    And of course, the Jackal can tout that but for the Robocall, Lockheart would have lost by an even larger margin.


    That’s what needs to be done ……. add Lockheart to the growing list of decedents, I say

  2. ‘Lying JACKAL Franks’ ……… Has a nice ring to it!

    I think OldManWinter is on to something there.

  3. Looks like Mayor Lockhart and his Mrs. haven’t missed many meals – life must be very good for them.

    I can almost hear the suspension of that car groaning under the gluttonous load.

  4. McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks says life threatened on blog post comments
    Published: Friday, April 7, 2017 2:40 p.m. CDT • Updated: Friday, April 7, 2017 2:44 p.m. CDT

  5. I was just thinking that I wouldn’t leave the house if I looked like that.

  6. @SpeedRacer: The truth is often rude thing, especially to the Lefties.

    No sense of shame, self-discipline or embarrassment.

    And worst of all, no moral character.

  7. You would think Lockhart would share with his daughter whom is divorced with 4 kids living off of welfare programs.

    She loves showing off her pretty nails that she pays cash got at Marengo’s nail tech who works for cash so ad not to pay taxes so a couple sweethearts living of the taxpayers

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