Franks Continues to Re-Frame the Debate on Cut 10

During the 2016 election Jack Franks was promising to cut taxes by 10T%.

Just look at the symbol he used:

Here’s the Cut 10 logo being used in Jack Franks’ campaign. It’s carries a promise that Lying Jack Franks has not begun to deliver.

Of course enlightened voters knew that was a fraudulent claim.

McHenry County’s tax levy is only about 10% of the total, so the only way Franks could cut one’s tax bill by 10% would be by abolishing county government.

So, Franks and the County Board cut the county levy by 11.2%.

That’s a little over a 1% tax cut in next year’s bills.

But when High School District 155, for instance, decided to hike its levy, despite fewer students, did Franks do anything?

Lying Jack Franks Cut 10 campaign promise is a bait and switch.


Now, someone has come up with the idea of an advisory referendum asking school districts to cut their tax takes by 10%.

Not next year, but the year after, when Franks will be on the ballot again.

The referendum, of course, will pass overwhelmingly.

So why hold a referendum?

To put pressure on school board members.

And, help voters forget that Franks promised to cut their real estate tax bills 10%.


Franks Continues to Re-Frame the Debate on Cut 10 — 35 Comments

  1. Four Pinocchio’s for Cal –
    Source, Northwest Herald June, 2017:

    WOODSTOCK – The McHenry County Board soon will deliberate what its chairman calls a common-sense plan to cut 10 percent from next year’s county government property tax levy.

    The plan, unveiled recently by Chairman Jack Franks and county staff, would cut more than $8 million from the 2017 levy that will be paid by taxpayers next year. What’s more, Franks said it meets his goal solely by trimming fat and surplus – the cuts do not affect or curtail any services offered.

    Franks’ plan passed. Cal is a bozo.

  2. As was pointed out here before, the County tax cut this year is really just taking advantage of certain things that were in the works from years past, most notably:

    (1) the expiration of a transportation bond payment of between 5 and 6 Million Dollars per year;

    (2) not taking the Valley Hi levy which can only be done in alternate years without losing the ability to collect it in future years due to the state tax cap legislation;

    (3) a reduction of $500K by the Mental Health Board which has a separate levy not under County Board control;

    (4) not having to set aside $900K that had been budgeted as a reserve for certain liability claims against the county that have been resolved for less money;

    (5) various reductions by elected officials acting on their own which have been part of ongoing efforts in their offices going back several years;

    (6) savings attributable to new technologies that have become available.

    Virtually NONE of the vaunted property tax reduction was due to anything either the Board or the Chairman did this year.

    AND, it will be difficult to follow this act as there will be 5 Million Dollars per year that is going to have to be spent on courthouse and related construction and relocations, all of which were sorely needed..

    Also, unlike school districts, the county has numerous sources of revenues which can be shifted around as needed so it is easy to play a shell game with any particular revenue source such as property taxes.

    People don’t tend to notice the taxes they pay at stores or at the gas pump or what is taken out of their paychecks, but they notice the property taxes which are either tacked onto their mortgage payments or have to be paid directly twice a year in large chunks.

    The real question is the size of the budget, not any one particular tax levy, and the budget went down by over 10% in the previous 4 years, B.F (Before Franks).

    Focusing solely on the property tax is just demagoguery.

  3. The county Board and Mr.Franks has NO control over the schools or any other taxing body beyond the County itself.

    The county is less than 10 percent of your bill so to eliminate 10 percent from your taxes Mr. Franks would need to eliminate ALL of the county government entirely.

    If you want lower taxes start going after the schools and stop wasting time on here complaining on here about Franks and the county.

    Read your bill, understand YOUR BILL, and go after the REAL problem!!!!!

  4. I find it ironic that the only person in McHenry County who truly “cut taxes” was Andrew Gasser at the Algonquin Township Highway Department.

    He also rebuilt a bridge in Algonquin where the residents there completely disrespected the work he did in the middle of a 100 year flood along with two flash floods.

    He is now rebuilding our bridge.

    None of this is being reported by the Northwest Herald.

    Gasser is exposing corruption and is paying the price politically, publicly, and privately.

    We are lucky to have him and I only wish there were more people like him elected in office.

  5. Dear Mr. Moderate: We talked in the phone a while ago and you seem to be a reasonable man. However, calling our sunshine blogger a bozo is very misguided. He may be an irresponsible, irrelevant, paparazzi, political-gossip freeloader; I’ll give you that, bot not a bozo. When it comes to this libertarian cyber-circus, he is the ringleader who throws read meat to his followers with a 3-way strategy focusing on demonizing labor unions (particularly teachers), undocumented immigrants, and last but not least, Mr. Jack D. Franks. Happy Holidays to all my sunshine commenters and God bless the United Shhheishhh…stay tuned, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. D47 wants to increase their levy too.

    People focus on 155 but I believe more goes to 47.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. Re: “the only person in McHenry County who truly “cut taxes” was Andrew Gasser”

    Not true.

    Some municipalities and several townships (other than Alg.) have been reducing their property taxes for several years now.

  8. Out of towner –

    They have been abating taxes not cutting taxes and that is a very big difference.

    Post them.

  9. If the taxes are abated they can be raised again except for cost of living or 5% whichever is less.

    If the levy is actually cut, which the county didn’t do either, it can be reimposed.

    I am not sure what Commissioner Gasser did.

    Does anyone have that information?

  10. Correction: If the taxes are abated they can be reimposed.

    If the levy is reduced it can’t be raised except by the cost of living or 5% whichever is less.

  11. Swampbuggy – this is a tax cut and NOT an abatement.

    Five (5) percent across the board.

    However, most would never know it because the Northwest Herald didn’t think it was a story.

  12. Thank you, Cal.

    I knew this was an attempt to say anything to win an election.

    And the fact that Franks spent over $450k to win an $80k position is telling.

    Franks ‘plan’ was to look like he could cut property taxes by 10%.

    That article was written probably by the patronage Fat added to his elected office.

    And newsflash, the tax levy reduction isn’t a cut at all.

    Everybody, it’s an abatement only, and next years taxes bill will be a doozy!

  13. Next years tax bill

    Typing on a cell phone. Sorry.

    And Congrats to Algonquin Township for the Real tax cut, not just a credit grab for windfall that would’ve happed anyway.

    The nwherald is absent with a lot of county news.

    Who the hell is running or owns that sad little tabloid?

    That may be telling too!

  14. Next year’s county tax bill will go down.

    It is the one after that which might increase.

  15. Moderate, you’re a cheerleading minion for Lyin’ Jack Franks.

    Educate yourself on the abatement windfall vs. a real cut.

    Voters want every elected office to cut their spending.

    Bragging about cutting taxes while Franks nearly triples the cost of his elected office with patronage hires is as bullshit a politician as you can get.

  16. @Con-on-the-Cob: New screen-name Fierabras?

    @Mike “Swampbuggy” Walkup: Great job on your evaluation.

    Why do you hide behind a screenname on the blog when you publically disavowed all your ‘conservative’ friends on Facebook (something Cal conveniently never covered.)

  17. Well color me shocked that Moderate would allude to some “fact checking” award that’s given out by a disreputable, hard left newspaper.

  18. Would snopes parlance be better for you?

    If so, “This article is mostly false.”

  19. Would Moderate, or anyone else, care to point out EXACTLY what savings in the county levy were brought about as a result of the new Chairman’s efforts this past year as opposed to being inherited windfalls?

  20. Snopes is garbage, too.

    You should read up on some of their recent history.

    Just about all of the so called fact checking sites have axes to grind.

  21. Only in this sunshine blog we find the truthiest facts…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  22. @Swampbuggy aka Walkup –

    Yeah. I’m positive it would’ve happened without Franks because you guys were so laser focused on actually cutting the levy.

    That’s all you ever talk about and all they ever focus on.

    Walkup is such a great leader of man it’s really disappointing he’s not the chairman.

    I’m sure he would’ve cut 50%. /s

  23. Umm… the NWH articles referenced are from 2016…

    Also, Fierabras, who is the architect of is from Lake County.

    Pretty interesting that he is so invested in McHenry County politics.

  24. Home page of Jack Franks’ / during the November 8, 2016 McHenry County Board Chair campaign.

    “I’m running for McHenry County Board Chairman to cut property taxes levy by 10% across the board.

    This means a 10% property tax levy reduction from EVERY government body in our county.”

  25. Mark,
    In what universe is there a silver mullet for property tax relief? There isn’t, it’s incremental and Franks has taken the first step. Now look at Serwatka, Gasser and others – the ball is rolling. Let’s support the efforts of all!!

  26. Franks cut your own spending.

    Tripling the cost of your elected office is not.

    Leading by example, you Hack!

    How much was your little office re-do on top of that?

    Your cut 10 is a FAKE!

  27. Moderate aren’t you hiding behind a screen name? Just asking

  28. Another sentence that appeared on the home page of Jack Franks’ / during the November 8, 2016 McHenry County Board Chair campaign.

    “I urge you to support an immediate 10% cut in the property tax levied by EVERY government body in McHenry County.”



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