Nunda Township Reports No Written Work Product as a Consultant from Bob Miller, Paid Over $11,000

Bob Miller

Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller was hired as a consultant by current Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance after Miller left office.

Miller was paid $6,440 in 2017.

In 2018 through May 9th, Miller was paid $5,132.

That totals over $11,000.

I filed a Freedom of Information request for

“work product turned in by Robert Miller.”

Nunda Township Road District’s Director of Operations Erik Komieczsk replied,

“No such documents exist.”

Bob Miller’s 2017 W-2 from Nunda Township

Here are Miller’s Nunda Township road District’s 2017 W-2 and his pay stub of April 21, 2017, showing his year-to-date earning:

Bob Miller’s Nunda Township pay stub through May 9, 2018.

Miller’s company AAM Enterprises was also paid $760 by McHenry Township Road Commissioner and Profession Engineer Jim Condon for preparing bid specs and related documents for a new salt dome.


Nunda Township Reports No Written Work Product as a Consultant from Bob Miller, Paid Over $11,000 — 21 Comments

  1. Cal, perhaps your request was not up to par?

    work product. n. the writings, notes, memoranda, reports on conversations with the client or witness, research, and confidential materials which an attorney has developed while representing a client, particularly in preparation for trial.

    Do you really need a FOIA Cal, aren’t your spy’s doing their JOBs?

  2. Just think of the money they (Nunda) saved.

    If he’d actually done some advising, who knows where it would entailed.

    Think of the expenditures might have made.

    Meals, deals, decorating, trips, etc. LOL!

  3. My question is, if this swirl of malfeasance is even partly true, where is the indictment?

  4. ‘the Nob” is Anna Miller, a future co-defendant/co-conspirator.

  5. ‘The Nob’ is really Anna Miller!

    A future co-defendant/co-conspirator!

  6. paul. Are you referencing the Mueller Investigation of the orange liar in charge?

    cindy. In your descriptive word choice in your comment, “grifter”, are you describing trump?

  7. It could be worse.

    L.A. Firefighter Donn Thompson billed Taxpayers more than 9200 hours, when there are only 8760 hours in a year. Over $300 K in overtime.

    And slack jawed goobers everywhere, keep thanking that Public Sector for their ‘service’.

    We are in a Golden Age for Public Sector lunacy.

  8. Do the township trustees have to vote to approve all new hires similarly to how school board members have to vote to approve all new employees?

    I don’t see anything in the township meeting minutes during 2017 that reflects a vote to approve Mr. Miller.

  9. Townships are the best thing that ever happenened to America!

    Ok Algonquin Township’s Miller is a crook and Nunda Township’s Lesperance too.

    But the Township system was abused.

    Other townships are good!

    And they can be made better.

    Atty Kelly screwed up Algonquin.

    But he’s gone now.

  10. Sorry, Justin but you are wrong. Anna is not even smart enough to spell as gud as nob.

  11. Tom? Your question, supposedly to me is so stupid it leaves me flummoxed.

  12. Just because Booby Miller screwed the taxpayers, don’t hold it against all township officials!

    Lesperance and Condon (Mchenry and Nunda Townships) had ZERO business hiring that crook as a ‘consultant.’

    It’s just horrible optics.

    They should repay the taxpayers of those townships out of their own pockets. What was he consulting with them about? How to cheat better?!

    Joe Condon and Mike Lesperance should resign immediately!

  13. Cindy,
    Right again. What a moron. Thank the gods that you are on here commenting and providing insight into the end days. The first steps are already happening around us – CAN YOU SEE? Those who cannot are blind and too far gone. Blessed are are you, Cindy: 1 Samuel 28:7

  14. DJ, WE are the fools and sheep for allowing this!

    Townships must GO.

  15. Not? Now, what are you spouting off about? No one addressed you, yet you have some kind of mystical answers to some enigmatic predicament. You are rambling incoherently.

  16. These people are stupid! This is criminal.

    It is NOT a joke. Who is running this world?

    Teenagers that think everything is a funny joke?

    I hope they go after these nitwits that do not have any integrity.

    Maybe some punishment can teach them some.

  17. To think I wasted 7 years of college, just to be snookerd on my Nunda Tax payments, by this Township gadfly ‘Lead Bottom’Lesperance.

    No wonder I didn’t get that Associate Degree.

  18. These guys are all tied together they hire each others friends relative’s .shop at friends reletives businesses now it seems they using taxdollars to help Miller with legal defence .and they want to waste more money on a study to eliminate road comissioners position . taxpayer’s need oversite !!!!

  19. WOW!

    He’s earned almost as much as a day of “work” charged by Hanlon!

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