CL Independence Day Parade – Part 14 – Trisha Zubert

Trisha Zubert, running for State Rep. in the district that runs north from Crystal Lake into Lake County, had a banner at the head of her entry in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.  (I also see a second Kelli Wegener for County Board tee shirt on the man to the right.)

Volo resident Trisha Zubert is running to replace State Rep. Barbara Wheeler.

A closer look at those walking in support of State Rep. candidate Trisha Zubert. (Perhaps someone can identify which is her in the comment section.)

Zubert was in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade as part of the Democratic Party’s contingent.


CL Independence Day Parade – Part 14 – Trisha Zubert — 8 Comments

  1. Nice banner.

    Only thing missing on it, are Dem’s promising free bowel control workshops.

  2. Never heard of a Most of these Dems. Do they even know the workings of govt?

  3. Don’t see any indication or words on banner that Trisha is from the Democrat Party. That Party has fiscally destroyed this State of Illinois.

  4. Her leftist la-la parade sign says “Smart Gun Laws”……

    but, in fact she’s a gun grabber (ie., she’s for disarming Whites, but won’t do a damn thing about the animalistic MS-13 illegal alien Mexican gang, or the blank gangs that have taken over much of Chicago and are now making armed forays into once relatively peaceful neighborhoods.)

  5. Trisha Zubert doesn’t give a hoot if she exposes and infects people with her kids’ or her own highly contagious strep:

    “In November of 2016 all three of our children got strep throat. Which means I had strep throat, and that they got to go with me to vote. These little people who had only known President Barack Obama were about to see the first woman president. Until they didn’t. I think people like my parents are part of the reason why I was so surprised. No one was talking, not genuinely, about the issues. It was too awkward, painful, uncomfortable. This is what not-talking got us: a surprise ending in politics.”

    That encapsulates well her and her Party’s attitude toward others: “I’m so very special, smart and privileged, I don’t give a fu** about you or your health, safety or well-being. It’s all about me!”

    the laugh is, she apparently doesn’t care about her own kids, either, so how can she ever be expected to care for you!?

  6. Her people threw out dog treats for the crowd.

    A lot of dumbed down public school (even high school) kids ate ’em.

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