Daily Herald Endorses Wilcox over Malady for State Senate

The Daily Herald has endorsed former Republican McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox, recently appointed to replace Pam Althoff in the State Senate, over Democratic Party McHenry Township Assessor Mary Malady.

Here’s part of the endorsement:

Mahady would like to see the property tax system revamped to make it fair for everyone.

Wilcox, who previously served on the McHenry County Board, wants a hard property tax cap of 1 percent of home value.

Both candidates support term limits for legislative leaders.

Residents of the district will be well-served by either candidate.

We endorse Wilcox.


Daily Herald Endorses Wilcox over Malady for State Senate — 5 Comments

  1. Well Hultgren is unInspiring but experienced, Underwood isn’t necessarily qualified and WILL raise taxes.

  2. Landon Friese…you parrot the fear tactics the GOP TELLS you to say.

    Democrats are going to raise your taxes.

    The states that surround us are GOP controlled.

    Two of three of them have higher state income tax rates than IL.

    Dont know many people who would want to live in the third.

    Property taxes in Illinois are all LOCAL.

    Who controls local government?

    It’s not the Democrats.

    Yeah yeah we cut a on federal taxes that put a few extra dollars in our pockets, but inflation has pretty much wiped that gain out and the deficit is ballooning.

    GOP really knows how to balloon our deficit.

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