Andrew Gasser in Court Asking for Permission to Levy What He Wanted, But Was Denied by Algonquin Township Board

Andrews Gasser

A suit filed on September 13, 2018, by Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser against the Algonquin Township Board gets heard today.

The issue is whether the Township Board has the authority to reduce a levy presented by the Road Commissioner.

The suit cites this language:

“The township board of trustees…, at the public hearing shall adopt the tentative budget and appropriation ordnance…” [Emphasis in the original.]

“Upon information and belief, the Defendants’ actions are in retaliation for the Plaintiff Gasser’s political victory over his predecessor in office and are designed to constrain the Highway Commissioner in the functions of his office and it retaliation to Gasser’s efforts to being true transparency to the Road District, which conflict with his predecessor’s desire to prevent full and complete disclosure of his prior spending,” another part of the suit says.

The action compares the Township Board’s attempt to control the Road District to Woodstock’s trying to control actions in Crystal Lake, the point being made that the Road District and the Township Board govern separate governments.

“The Algonquin Township Board lacks any power to command any action by the Highway Commissioner to adopt prevailing wage ordinances, much less amend agreements that the Road District entered or condition payments upon insurance requirements it deems appropriate.”

Interference “with the payment of bills due in the ordinary course of business such as accounting, legal, and forensic audit costs” is also in the complaint.

In short, the goal is to keep the Township Board from interfering with Road District operations.

What Gasser considers adequate legal funds are brought up in the suit.

The Township Board cut them by $50,000.  [Got distracted and didn’t change this to $100,000.]


Andrew Gasser in Court Asking for Permission to Levy What He Wanted, But Was Denied by Algonquin Township Board — 22 Comments

  1. I guess Gasser is giving up on the argument that the CBA that Miller negotiated with local 150 should have been put before the Township Board for approval.

    I always thought that was one of the stronger arguments against the validity of the CBA.

    Maybe this new suit means that Gasser has decided against an appeal in that case.

  2. The pink idiot strikes again – how many $$ spent on legal fees for $50,000 line item?”

  3. How can he be transparent and not attend most board meetings?

    What happened at court today, why publish this until there is some related court action?

  4. It was 100K, Not 50k, and it is a budget matter, not a levy matter.

    150 case is separate and is being appealed.

  5. Board meetings are a TOWNSHIP function not a Road District Function.

    Being at a meeting has nothing to do with transparency.

    Show me another Road District that is publishing ALL the bills for all to see?

    What more do you want in regards of transparency?

  6. Come on kirk. You can’t keep covering for an incompetent elected official, if in fact your group is a “watchdog” group. gasser not only doesn’t understand policy and procedures, he can’t and won’t communicate with his employers-us. gasser needs to be removed from office asap.

    kirk I still stand by my statement that you and your group are political hacks for antigovernment folks ;and a fleecer.

    You waste time and taxpayer money accomplish your foolishness.

  7. Did the big pink idiot take the same class in political and administrative incompetence as Mary McClellan. Hey idiot, tell us again how you saved us from the Millers.

    Your incompetence is costing us more than their systemic abuses.

    Dave Chapman, when discussing a referendum to abolish the road district, said “now is not the right time”.

    When will it be the right time?

    What is your criteria for the “right time”?

  8. “What more do you want in regards of transparency?”

    I’d like to know if the $40000. settlement offer from Gasser is a payment for trying to expose the Millers?

    Some watchdog, you are now part of the problem.

    Show me another Road District that is publishing ALL the bills for all to see?

    You’re right, they wait for a burdensome number of FOIA requests and then wait for a lawsuit.

  9. Cal and Kirk need to check out why the info they keep getting from team Gasser, as it seems to vary quite a bit from the facts.
    “fleecer” LOLOLOLOLOLMAO

  10. The hatred is thick when defending one’s perceived right to corruption.

  11. Tom! You know, that your post, paint you as a wannabe political hack for pro-criminal-government folk (Millers) who are fleecers, right?

    You and others like you think its ok to waste time and taxpayer money as long as its hidden?

    Because thats the Miller way!

    Hypocrites, all of you!


  12. “You and others like you think its ok to waste time and taxpayer money as long as its hidden?”

    No, not even close, it’s also not okay to waste and fleece taxpayers in the open either, like this idiot does with Kirk and his legal team.

    You may think we’re hypocrites, I don’t care, but you are an idiot the size of gasser if you think this is somehow better.

  13. Your FOIA suit is a result of you piling on as part of Team Gasser trying to make the clerk resign. Asking for records of meetings when there were no meetings as just one example of the 98 requests made. Ya your actions have been white as the driven snowstorm. LMAO, your a funny dude.

  14. Robin why is it so hard for you to tell the truth. There were not 98 FOIA requests. Sorry you don’t understand what was provided to the courts.

    The Clerk should resign as she continues to obstruct FOIA requests. Many believe she is in full blown protection mode for the Millers, who we understand rent a home to the Clerks mother.

  15. I’m soory, I hit the 8 instead of the 7, my bad!
    97) From the FOIA request dated September 26, 2018 A copy of all payments for shredding of paper by the Township and Township Road District from 2010 to September 26, 2018.

  16. So typical of a fleecer and Bs”er to use words and phrases like”many believe”. I’ve read about you kirk. Your work as a watchdog stopped a long time ago; your style of piling on is your only trick now.

    You are a little more than a thief in the light.

  17. Dear Mr. Tom: Aren’t you convinced by powerful argumentation such as “people are saying?” Too bad. This is what separates our current sexual-assaulter-in-chief from past presidents.

  18. Kirk should run for Governor or even President he’s got the BS down pat.
    Oh and the Mom rented from a Plumber which ended more that a couple years ago, another Gasser/Kirk BS accusation.

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