DeSantis Targets Chicago Education and Crime in First Speech after Presidential Candidacy Announcement

Florida Govenor Ron DeSantis selected a home school convention in Orlando to deliver his first speech after announcing he is running for the Republican nomination for President.

The New York Post found his comments on Chicago most newsworthy:

The quote was a bit more nuanced:

“When you think of a place like Chicago, these kids, you’re more likely to get shot than you are to get a world-class education in some of these places.”

The article can be found here.


DeSantis Targets Chicago Education and Crime in First Speech after Presidential Candidacy Announcement — 18 Comments

  1. I have zero interest buying Democrat Voters a Time Machine ticket to the last time their Big City Policies worked.

    They voted to wallow in slop, the rest of us should just STFU.

  2. Augustus, DeSantis is out whoring with families that lost family members in 9/11 today. The truth is out there. The Israelis were behind imploding the asbestos laden buildings. It’s interesting that a scud missle hit the Pentagon. It’s amazing what got covered up by having that news cycle. Why did all the Seal Team 6 guys get killed in a helicopter crash by a SAM supplied by the US? Simps will never get it. BTW, DeSantis is a bought and paid for elite shill.

  3. “DeSantis is a Zionist!”
    True, but don’t throw rocks from a glass house. Trump brags about being the most pro-Israel president ever.

    for bookmark purposes

    I’m having trouble supporting ANYBODY in 2024. Kennedy seems like he’d be good on foreign policy and surveillance and against big pharma and polluters, but has too many doctrinaire progressive views especially regarding the Second Amendment and climate change. DeSantis is good overall but I don’t know if he is to be trusted on foreign policy given his advisers and backers. Trump had his chance and in my opinion biffed it pretty bad, with no indication that he has learned anything.

    …I will probably just go back to voting for some wacky third party or write-in candidate in general elections since Illinois is not in play anyway, but I am conflicted about the primary. RFK Jr could certainly get some delegates due to proportional allocation, but I don’t see him winning the primary. Dems will just put their thumbs on the scale like they did for Hillary against Bernie. They love their superdelegates! idk. If Bernie’s supporters couldn’t start a riot and he got like 45 percent of the vote in the primary i don’t see Kennedy’s people doing it. The main reason for me to support Kennedy in a primary would be so that there is a riot at the Dems’ convention. That would be funny and good.

    Elections are fake and gay. These people that are so high up in national politics are all puppets. Best possible situation would be for Joe Biden to drop dead. Then the Dem primary would be more important. With Republicans having a lot of winner take all stuff and so many non-Trump candidates in the race, Trump should easily win the GOP primary. Here’s another literal who jumping in.
    And any minute Pence should throw his hat in the ring too.

    It’ll be 2016 all over again with a dozen candidates foundering and Trump winning a plurality of votes and huge delegate leads.

    On the Dem side, Biden doesn’t want to debate any opponents. So hopefully he just dies…

  4. Most any man that is Biden’s age, Biden’s deteriorating cognitive and physical, and some amount of assets with a caring family would have already placed him in an assisted living facility. Instead we have a guy, Biden, who has our lives in his hands as commander in chief, with nuclear football nearby.

  5. Cmon guys. Biden got 81m legitimate votes. The illegitimate justices know better than people with common sense. There’s video out there showing AZ rigging the Governors election in 2022.

  6. “There’s video out there showing AZ rigging the Governors election in 2022.”

    OMG!!!!! Does Kari Loser know this?!?

  7. “Maybe trump learned a thing or two and he now promises to keep his jew son in law, the evil Kushner, son of a felon, at bay.”

    No, he and Ivanka fled to get on with their lives.

  8. There is plenty of garbage to smack talk about this toilet bowl chi town to go around to all the candidates … have at it its all true.. crime, crime, crime… swamp rats amore’

  9. Yes Monk, Kari knows it and provided that information I mention. If you put the bong down long enough you might know that too.

  10. And yet she still isn’t the Governor and Trumpty Dumpty still isn’t the president. LOL

  11. LOFL. A 4th troll has arrived on scene. How was the long weekend on Halted Porkboy? Were Bud Lights on sale? Do you have a runny nose?

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