“300 Beady Little Eyes Looking at Me. What Was I To Do?”

Those were the words of Decatur State Rep. Weber Borchers while presenting his bill to make the monarch butterfly the state insect in 1973.

This monarch butterfly was attracted to my front yard’s milkweed.

He had been invited to a third grade elementary school class assembly in which students made the case for naming the monarch the state insect.

“There were 300 beady little eyes looking at me. What was I to do?”

So, he committed to introducing the bill to accomplish that.

The day of the vote, students came to State Representative offices with the tops of cottage cheese containers containing a colored monarch butterfly with a string attached.

To understand the totally unexpected nature of Borchers’ sponsorsing such a bill, one needs to know he was probably the most conservative member of the Illinois General Assembly.

A World War I Veteran, he was the University of Illinois first Chief Illiniwek.

His large home had suits of armor.

I remember the Middletown High School playt “Harvey” when I think of Weber…especially the parts where the Veteran charges up the stairs.

He had someone video a Woodstock-style music festival near Peoria and used private rooms to share the X-rated results.

But, he had a compassionate side.

He had his legislative assistant visit nursing homes.

She would find the manager and ask to inspect the home.

If she was told she had no right to do so, the woman would say, “Alright, I’ll have the Representative send a Public Health Department inspector.’

That was enough for her to gain access.

She had a ten-point check list, which I have been unable to find.

Two items, however, provide an idea of the common sense information sought:

  • Can urine be smelled?
  • Is there water within reach of the patients?
Illinois Monarch License Plate.

Now comes the Illinois Environmental Council with a post about the Secretary of State issuing a monarch license plate.


“300 Beady Little Eyes Looking at Me. What Was I To Do?” — 15 Comments

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    Step 2: Xi Jinping visits California.

    Step 3: Unidentified pneumonia outbreak in China just in time for Election Season.

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  3. I love Monarch butterflies, caterpillars and especially the very interesting opaque-to-transparent chrysalis.

    I hope we will bring the Monarchs back.

    I miss seeing them fly around and migrate, and walking the ditches to check the undersides of milkweed leaves for a chrysalis.

    Everyone should plant at least a modest butterfly garden, with milkweed, if at all possible.

    Perhaps that this gentleman acted to legislatively designate the Monarch as the Illinois state butterfly, will motivate Illinoisans to save them from the brink of extinction, eventually.

    Like the Whooping cranes.


  4. JT, I salute you.

    I think the difference in philosophical outlook is evident in the top down vs bottom up orientation of each nation state. I have been talking about this for some time.

    China, is a bottom up, state-controlled system tolerant of capitalism (monopoly power does not exist in private enterprise); the economic interest are useful but always a challenge


    the USA and its vassals are top down states, controlled, from the top by jews who have extracted and transferred nearly all of the state owned monopoly powers from the state into private hands (privatization); the governed are sometimes useful, but always a burden.

    China is a government controlled by the needs wants and aspirations of those it governs, while the western governments are controlled by the needs, wants and aspiration of those who control those who govern โ€ฆ. Very rich jews

    In the west, those who control the state (jews) are privately owned monopoly powered corporations and the wealthy owners of those MPCs, while in China, those who control the state are custodians of the wants needs and aspirations of the people who are governed by the state.

  5. You misspelled judgment.

    Youโ€™ll feel less inferior if you work in some basics like spelling, hygiene, physical fitness.

  6. One key to monarch life is milkweed, the seeds of which are easy to collect every fall.

    Break open the pods in a spot that gets good sun and youโ€™ll have monarchs, given time.

  7. Interesting Dacy.

    Too many people think โ€˜Jewsโ€™ and โ€˜Whitesโ€™ are interchangeable.

    They are certainly not.

    Look how the chorus is now coming in from Israel that the Western countries take in 2 million Palestinians the Israelis have been trying to genocide for the last 75 yrs.

    Once people recognize what they are about, things get tough for themโ€”- deservedly so.

  8. China is a government controlled by the needs wants and aspirations of those it governs…


  9. As rabbinical school candidates, they arenโ€™t interchangeable.

    No one was interchangeable with Sammy Davis, Jr.

    White dude truck driver of same skill as Jewish truck driver, interchangeable.

    What is your point?

  10. Martin, you are a scabrous thing.


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