Feds Take Chicago Lawyer after Money on False Pretences Out of Market Place

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: CHICAGO LAWYER BARRED FROM PROMOTING TAX SHELTERS GENERATING $370 MILLION IN SHAM DEDUCTIONS Federal Court Enjoins Former Seyfarth Shaw LLP Partner Who Allegedly Designed “DAD” and “DAT” Tax Shelters CHICAGO LAWYER BARRED … Continue reading

Flex Fuel – Using Ethanol and Methanol in Cars

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Steve Huntley had a thought provoking piece a weed ago Tuesday. It’s called Fuel Choice and is promoted by a group called Set America Free. The pitch is that Congress should mandate that a significant portion of … Continue reading

Summer Youth Baseball Spreads Across Pacific Ocean

The McHenry County Youth Sports Association is spreading farther across the world. Jack Sebesta tells me the “Summer International Championships have 17 international teams coming in from Japan, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Brazil, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and … Continue reading