Mike Madigan Gives His Take on the Session

Here’s six minutes:

Mike Madigan talks about

  • having cut the backlog of bills by $1.5 billion in the current budget
  • saving money in the Medicaid reform bill
  • eliminating legislative scholarships
  • expanding enterprise zones on a competitive basis
  • cutting legislator pay


Mike Madigan Gives His Take on the Session — 1 Comment

  1. No Pension reform = FAIL!

    They have been talking about this for a few years now and these inept politicians can’t pass anything?

    On top of that they are exempt from what they are “talking” about in the reform. The pension reform should be all inclusive!

    Why not pass a lesser reform package and start to tax pensions in IL?

    How much lost revenue is in that stream?

    On top of the no pension reform we have a few new wonderful taxes on our side.

    Vehicle licence plate tax increase $2, cigarette tax $1, strip club tax (I didn’t follow that closely but I think it worked out to about $5/person).

    This state needs change!

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