David Bachmann Supports Zane Seipler for County Board

The following email was received from Dave Bachmann, who operated the blog “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry.”

Bachmann ran as a Democrat for McHenry County Coroner in 2008, losing to incumbent Marlene Lantz.

Re: Zane Seipler candidacy

Dave Bachmann

Dave Bachmann

For those in McHenry County who might know me, realize that I had successfully authored a blog known as the “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry” blog.

This blog was designed to be a “Watch Dog” blog targeting alleged corruption within the walls of the McHenry County Sheriffs Department.

We were successful on many fronts inclusive of outing Sheriff Keith Nygrens tax fraud issues spanning two states.

We also, some three years prior to the now jailed former McHenry County Sheriffs Deputy Greg Pyle’s arrest, told the citizens of McHenry County that in fact Greg Pyle was a very dangerous and mentally ill man.

For this my family and I endured death threats from Mr. Pyle, I endured my email account being hacked by Pyle as he utilized all the forensic skills he had been taught to him by your tax dollars and the FBI.

The point of this press release goes to the issue that allegedly Zane Seipler had perjured himself in a Federal Court case.

Judge Kapala, the Rockford bases Federal Judge who is the sitting judge contended that Mr. Seipler via his wife Rose, tried to lie to the honorable judge Kapala when stating that she, Rose Seipler authored a blog which further served to prove alleged corruption within the rank and file of the Sheriffs Dept.

(To be clear, the “rank and file” went to only a small few of the hard working honest duties on the force.)

Judge Kapala did not believe Mrs.Seipler was the author of this Seipler blog in question because when Judge Kapala asked Mrs. Seipler to show him how she created the blog in front of the court.

When given a computer to show the court how she made the blog in question, Rose Seipler could not figure out how the blog worked.

Thus the judge, who is not a blogger and had no idea how a blog worked himself, contended that the Seiplers were not honest about what they claimed, that being that Mrs. Seipler, not Zane Seipler, authored the damning blog using court ordered sealed documents to prove the alleged corruption.

As a blogger myself, having used the exact same blogger format as provided by google, I can attest that in fact, during the time lines as laid out by the Honorable Judge Kapala, that the Seiplers were NOT lying.

The fact is that “Blogger” underwent a MAJOR overhaul of its blog formatting and how any blogger could now create a blog.

I myself had to make several attempts to figure out how this new format worked, it took me hours.

So given ALL these fact as I know them to be, respectively, I believe Judge Kapala’s ruling that the Seiplers had lied in open court, was a ruling made without the honorable courts own understanding of this very real fact.

I can only conclude given what I personally know to be factual, that the Seiplers did not lie to Judge Kapala. There was no perjury as claimed. That Zane Seipler did, and does, have the best interest of all McHenry County Citizens at heart.

Thank You,

David Bachmann


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  1. This blogger circle jerk is quite amusing.

    “She didn’t remember how to blog because Google changed the program?!”


    What a joke, just like Zane.

  2. Thank you Mr. Bachmann, for everything you have done and are still doing.

    The explanation of Judge Kapala’s ruling is right on and the County Taxpayer’s should know that too.

    You have put in so much time exposing the County corruption.

    God Bless and keep us informed.

  3. C’mom Cal, you can do better than this.

    Marching out the Tin Foil Hat crowd.

    Desperate times require desperate measures?

    If Mr. Bachmann truly wants to garner votes for Mr. Prim, he should endorse Andrew Zinke.

    Nobody in their right mind would cast a vote based upon Mr. Bachmann’s endorsement.

    Except for what is at stake, this just gets funnier by the day. LOL

  4. Bachman is one of the original crusaders for the fight against corruption on behalf of everyone.

    Corruption has had a harmful and destructive impact for the people of McHenry County and Bachman has worked tirelessly to expose the truth about corrupt politics and government in our community…

    He has helped to pave the way for productive and positive change.

    Bachman is right about Zane Seipler, in that he does have the best interest of all of Mchenry County Citizens at heart.

    After all, Zane has not been a participant of corruption, but an observer and that is what has compelled him to want to fight for the future or our community.

    He is the obvious choice..

    Change the leadership, change the government and that is what will rid our community of corruption.

    Now, it is up to the people to vote for those individuals that will no longer tolerate corruption and will lead the way for a newer and better government.

  5. Slander me if u must Teacher, the fact remains,

    I Got Nygren!

    Nobody, I mean nobody, EVER took on the Walrus as I had….

    The fall out from my work was vast and is not over yet.

    I care less that u slander me….. You have no idea who I truly am.

    I laugh as u try to figure it out…

    But keep on calling me crazy…..I just might out you too.


  6. “Teacher 155” = no credibility and part of the Regime….. You would think, that they would have learned their lesson with Tamara and Bob Demodica…. The problem is they have gotten a way with their antics for so long, they think they are invincible. “NOT”

    Hey Teach, depositions in Rockford…

  7. To Bachman’s credit, it takes some balls to back somebody who just got slammed with a $250,000 penalty from a federal judge. Birds of a feather….

  8. Zane Seipler?

    Fired for falsifying charges.

    Ruled a liar by a federal judge and ordered to pay a $240,000.00 fine.

    Some Crusader.

    Got Nygren?

    Took on the Walrus?

    You have to be kidding.

    Right? Last I checked, Sheriff Nygren is still Sheriff.

    To the vast majority of McHenry County citizens, Sheriff Nygren is highly respected and held in high esteem.

    Mr. Bachman, I did not call you crazy.

    Nor did I slander you.

    I merely called into question the value of your endorsement.

    But, the delusions of self-grandeur that seemingly exist in your mind have to make me wonder. LOL.

  9. Ask you buddy Keith how much money he had to pay out to clean up his messes.

    I agree, Nygren enjoys liberty and respect by those who dont any better…..

    I see out of the entire county, there is only One big mouth for the regime, that is u Teacher… A frckn coward hiding behind yourself.

    Come and and play if u want…. But we require those with real names only.

    Sheep and cowards is all u teacher represent.

    So go Fukoko yourself and have a very pleasant afternoon sitting in front of your computer all alone.

    I wont comment further.

    The regime is dead no matter if Mr. Zinke wins or not.

    We the people have spoken and we no longer place any value in any of you Nygrenites.

    Now go climb back into your darkness ye all of ilk.

  10. It’s wonderful that Mr. Skinner has created this circus tent where all of the freaks can come and entertain.

    Duncan- you fool; do you really believe that someone like the Demodicas who Mr. Bianchi reportedly considers a close friend and for whom he provided free tickets to his last fundraiser really believes that the Demodias are behind the Fokuku posts?

    The case will never go to trial and we will NEVER hear the truth.

    Because the truth likely is much more sinister.

    The only reason that Fokuku exists based upon my deduction was for the very reason that Mr. Bianchi released the name last week.

    Fear not what you know, but what you will come to discover.

  11. Hey teach 155 (strong Republicans that you are) “Gatekeeper”

    Why did I spot Zinke and Jack Franks prancing door to door in Woodstock Square together???

    Hey, Tryon, Jack Schaeffer.

    How about that??

    What do you have to say??

  12. What a bunch of Sad Sacks you Prim supporters are? Andrew Zinke picking on a poor 78 year old woman.

    You people are pathetic.

    And, several Sad Sacks lambasted me when I suggested exactly what the NW Herald is reporting.

    That it wasn’t even clear from Hanlon’s lawsuit that Sondra Matterness served the court papers.

    And, where is Cal’s banner blog headline clarifying the frivolous lawsuit.

    Another political witch hunt.


  13. Did anyone notice that Zinke referred to living with his two children to the NWH.

    I got a flyer at home that shows him with three kids.

    Does this guy even know how many kids he has?

    That’s a number I would not forget.

  14. It is only a matter of time before the 78 year old woman with a bad hip discloses that she was in Arizona when the Hanlon stooge tried to serve Zinke with the questionable subpoena.

    How will Hanlon explain this to a Federal judge?

  15. 155 – You boy really pulled and idiot move.

    He sends a hit piece out about Prim double dipping.

    Prim from the get go said he would NOT take the pension and even sent a press release out to that position.

    Looks like ZINKE IS LYING AGAIN!!

    How smart is your boy 155??

  16. back.

    Prim is Double Dipping by taking a government pension and government salary simultaneously. Historically, a government pension was only taken upon full retirement.

    Once on pension, you could not work another government job.

    Then, snakes changed the laws to create different pension funds so they could “retire” from one government job, draw a pension while working for another government salary under a “different” system.

    But, it is all tax dollars.

    Bottom line is that any person retiring from any level of government service and drawing a federal, state or local pension should not be able to work another government job for salary while simultaneously drawing a retirement pension.

    Much less earn a second pension.

    They should have to suspend their first pension if working another government job and only add additional years of service to the 1st pension rather than get a 2nd pension.

    Love the hypocritical Tea Party Reform Movement.

    You are all for pension reform unless it involves your preferred candidate double-dipping.

    Team Prim and his backers are for “pension reform”.

    Gimme a break!

  17. Ease up back at you. Zinke’s post is much ado about nothing BUT you apparently did not comprehend what was in the mailer.

    Prim gets a pension of around $80,000 from Des Plaines and will, should he win the election, get a salary as sheriff. What part of that is untrue? Zinke never said Prim would collect a second pension from the sheriff’s office and Prim, as far as I know, never said that he wouldn’t until last week. I’ll take Prim at his word that that’s the case.

    So what is your point? Since collecting both pensions are totally legal I don’t see Prim’s statement as any great big deal nor would I complain if he took both pensions so long as earned them. Zinke points out that he will collect both his Des Plaines pension and a salary as sheriff and that makes Zinke a liar?

    No, it makes you an ignorant fool.

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