Zinke Still in Running for Kenosha Police Chief

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

The Kenosha News reports that former McHenry County Undersheriff Andrew Zinke is still under consideration for the post of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Police Chief.

After a four-hour closed meeting, Police and Fire Commission President James Greco reported three candidates, including Zinke had undergone “exhaustive background checks.”

The names of the three “were entered in Google searches ‘because you get all kinds of stuff there,’ Greco said,” according to the paper.

So, Andy Zinke might land a law enforcement job above the state line.


Zinke Still in Running for Kenosha Police Chief — 41 Comments

  1. I hear Woodstock will be looking for a new Chief soon- that’d be fine with me too

  2. The only person/family not employed by us, not running for elected office, or in elected office, to get regularly stalked by this blog.

    Har ass ment perhaps?

    Any lawyers is the house want to comment?

  3. Andy Zinke should be barred from law enforcement forever.

    Isn’t there another garage door company for him?

    All you have to do is GOOGLE his name and that alone paints a really bad picture of him.

    He’s an embarrassment.

  4. Zinke was a quality Law Enforcement manager.

    He has been harassed by a few political opponents online, but the undenialble fact his political adversaries supported appointing a guy with an ugly criminal record a patrol commander should be all we need to know about their judgement around hiring.

    Supporters of political patronage despite a criminal records hypocrites.

  5. Fighting corruption, you links are all pointed towards politics and nothing to do with education, experience and qualification.

    I suppose you support the politically connected guy who appointed a political crony with a nasty criminal record as a commander? That is some real quality there.

  6. Unfortunately, when Zinke was crowned Undersheriff he never learned how to treat his employees decently.

    He was only concerned about himself and politics, which is the main reason he lost the election.

    Hopefully Kenosha learns about the real Andy Zinke

  7. The links are also related to his behavior, for which he never accepts responsibility for.

    I am of the opinion that Zinke will never accept responsibility, and that he continues to blame the world of politics.

    So sad and pitiful.

    So that is his crutch?

    He has no accountability because in his mind it is related to politics and everyone targets him because of politics?

    That little boy better grown up.

  8. There is NOTHING the Left hates more than the truth – with one exception … those who tell the truth.

  9. To be fair and balanced I’d like to see more on the Sheriff’s office resignation!

    What’s good for Andy should be good for Prim and his patronage hires.

    The rumors I’ve heard are juicy stuff.


  10. “NOB” Stop making excuses for Andy Zinke.

    The real juicy stuff is Kim Zinke who has been arrested.

    What is the status on that case? EXCUSES, EXCUSES,EXCUSES.

    So far there have been no arrests coming from the Sheriffs Department.

    So what, the guy resigned.

    That has nothing to do with Andy Zinke applying for a job in law enforcement.

    In my opinion, Andy Zinke should never have a job working directly with the public.

    He proved that during the election because of his poor behavior.

  11. I never made an excuse for Andy’s actions, just a call for some decency as he isn’t on our payroll any more.

    When his wife is charge, then that will be news worth putting here, not hearing what Andy is doing in his private life.

    If he does get hired and screw up again, print it, he’s on the gov payroll and that means open rock throwing.

    Have you heard the rumors about our Sheriff’s office yet?

    If not you can’t really judge juice can you.

  12. Although he left the MCSO on interesting circumstances, he is still a “public figure”.

    He’s probably collecting a public pension so in my lay opinion, he’s fair game.

  13. exactly when are we going to start putting a microscope on other’s lives like this?

    Leave him alone.

    If an employer chooses to hire him- so be it.

    Geez- this is beyond pathetic at this point.

    Don’t think he is qualified?

    Since when has that mattered for political office in this county?

    Not your tax dollars

  14. Superfly, good try but no, unless you want to address his pension only and not the rest of his personal life.

  15. I’m pretty sure he is collecting his EARNED IMRF pension, since there was NO reason LEGALLY he should not receive it.

    NOTHING has ever been PROVED by ANY Law Enforcement agency, FBI, DEA, McHenry County State’s Attorney nor the Attorney General’s office of Illinois against him.

    They SAY Kim is still under investigation, but GOd only knows when or IF that will go anywhere.

    So far he has been in consideration for more than one chief’s job, who I’m assuming has done a complete examination of his record and past, and he has made the finals for both jobs.

    Is everyone saying that these other job searching agencies are corrupt too?


    What a concept, huh folks??

    Anything from Dum Dum about him lately neither, since his/her accusations never produced anything either, period.

    Good Luck Andy!!

  16. How long is PAYBACK a viable tool for getting flipped off?

    Obviously this blog feels like it’s forever.

  17. Come on all..

    Let’s all just sit back and remember the past with Stinky Zinke..

    Were do we start ?..

    Sticking his nose in DEA drug investigation that was against his friend and campaign donor ?

    Showing no class, while in full uniform in marked squad car on Crystal Lake 4 th of July parade flip off the pubic..

    Wear his full uniform (which was getting pretty wide by the way) at his political campaign functions..

    And lets not forget those wonderful images of his sister in law that he loved so much..

    Violating state laws by running license plates of a 90 year old lady that he was scare of..

    ….How about the stolen security camera’s Andy ?

  18. Forever then.

    Got it!

    Shame we’ve fallen so far in the hole and don’t want to see out ever again.

  19. Woodstock has already been put on notice that the citizens would picket like crazy if it was known that Zinke would be considered!

  20. iknowwhatmyframdid; read my post prior to yours, and you’ll see how you swallowed all the half-truths and lies, much like others did.

    NOTHING, and I mean exactly NOTHING has ever been PROVEN to show that he had done ANYTHING illegal.

    Get over it

  21. Fighting Corruption,
    No, only meet the guy once by accident, voted for the independent for real change, apparently you’re talking out the wrong end.
    This is harassment, which could lead to a law suit, anybody can win those as you know, so why?
    Rock throwing doesn’t move the county forward.

  22. who on, how that got on my name thingy I can’t answer.


    Delete that Cal.

    Fighting Corruption,

    No, only meet the guy once by accident, voted for the independent for real change, apparently you’re talking out the wrong end.

    This is harassment, which could lead to a law suit, anybody can win those as you know, so why?

    Rock throwing doesn’t move the county forward.


  23. “AZ” When you have the wolves guarding the den of course illegal activity becomes difficult to prove.

    “NOB” You are not moving the county forward by supporting Zinke.

    In fact, you are an enabler, who refuses to acknowledge the truth about him and his buddies.

    Further, we are protected by the first amendment. “Freedom of Speech”

    We do not live like Countries where the people are not allowed to speak their opinions.

    And, if you don’t like it move.

    You might want to try Syria, as you know they are recruiting volunteers.

    For example: “I am of the opinions, that Andy Zinke is a disgrace to McHenry County”

  24. As far as Woodstock goes, this Woodstock resident would be very happy if we could land Zinke to run our Department.

    Sometimes good cops get on the wrong side of people.

    We sure know Prim’s hire to watch over patrol was the ultimate hypocritical move.

    I think it very ironic some of those in glass houses with some very sketchy incidents in their personal past keep up the personal innuendo and ugliness.

  25. Cal, there is a comment waiting moderation, some how that comment got put under the wrong name, my fault, but not sure what happened.

    That is my point.

  26. Fighting Corruption,

    you are reading though jaded eyes, I only support less rock throwing for some nonsense often called PAYBACK.

    Think what ya want about the guy, it’s your right, but it’s my right to comment on the ill effects that rock throwing for no good reason other than PAYBACK has on our country.

  27. I see the liberals on here do not love their neighbors even enough to give at least a heads up warning.

  28. No one, and I do mean NO ONE has to like Zinke but me and a few others who actually know the man.

    I’m mearly pointing out that, aside from the department it’s self, and a state’s attorney who didn’t exactly LIKE the sheriff’s department, how or who is guarding the den in the FBI, DEA or the State Attorney General’s offices?

    None of them has even come close to charging Zinke with anything!!

    Dum Dum (Duncan McHenry) whomever he/she is has stated in the past that he/she has actually spoken to the FBI in their own home during a party that Zinke supposidly attended and that “the end of Zinke is near”; same statements about Zinke pertaining to McMillian and Zane Zipler and how what they had to also say would bring the rath of whomever down upon him and the sheriff’s department, which again went nowhere.

    I don’t care one bit if you don’t like Zinke-that’s your right.

    But spreading false rumors that have obviously been dis-proven is not cool.

    Just sayin’

  29. BTW; did I miss the report on the inter-departmental investigation from the First Electric Newspaper after he spent so much money, and cost the taxpayers more money to find out, What?

  30. Andy Zinke should never be allowed to work in law enforcement.

    Not ever!

    Especially, after the way he conducted himself before, during and after the election.

    You go ahead and make your assumptions, which only means you continue to make a mockery of yourselves, and everyone is laughing at you.

    Now, get along boys.

    Though, don’t be surprised when people show up at your doors wearing a badge.

    You are in so much trouble.

    Oh sorry, that has already happened for some of you.

    Whatsa matter Andy, you had to clean house when they got done with you and your home?

    They searched your house from top to bottom looking for evidence?

    Gee, there must have been a search warrant approved by some judge?

    Surely, Greg Pyle is looking for some cell buddies.

    In my humble opinion, some of you are going to Federal prison and believe me I will be there in the court room when they prosecute and convict those that have committed all of those misdeeds.

    Hmmm if only the tax payers knew the half of it, you would have been publicly flogged a long time ago.

  31. Same pablum-different moniker.

    Still with the same old “cops are gonna be at your door”, and Zinke’s perceived wrong doing.

    Same old same old.

  32. I’m a little tired of snide comments like,

    “did I miss the report on the inter-departmental investigation from the First Electric Newspaper after he spent so much money, and cost the taxpayers more money to find out?”

    Yes, you did.

    I published the whole report which the Sheriff’s Office (as-was) spent three years trying to keep secret.

    I also published the State’s Attorney’s interview with DEA agents which, strangely, was missing from it.

    Anyone who failed to see the report didn’t want to.

  33. My bad, Mr. Gonigam.

    I did NOT see it-I would like to read it, if you’d please post a link for the paper.

    Again, since you did post it, it’s my fault.


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