Committee on Committees Members Announced

The McHenry County Board gets recommendations from its Committee on Committees as to who will serve as committee chairmen and members.

In past years, the recommendations were just that.

The McHenry County Board Chairman made the final selections.

This past year, with the coming of a County Board Chairman elected at-large, the Rules were changed to give the County Board final say on who gets what positions.

Starting off the process was the selection of six members, one from every County Board district.

Members are chosen by election of the four on the Board from each district.

If there is a tie, the member who has served longer than the others is automatically on the Committee on Committees, according to the Rules.

McHenry County Board on swearing in day. Michele Aavang was absent.

McHenry County Board on swearing in day. Michele Aavang was absent.

Although there was no official meeting visible, one member from each district announced who would represent them:

  • District 1 – Yvonne Barnes
  • District 2 – John Heisler
  • District 3 – Joe Gottemoller
  • District 4 – Chuck Wheeler
  • District 5 – John Jung
  • District 6 – Mary McCann

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks will chair the meeting(s).


Committee on Committees Members Announced — 2 Comments

  1. Each of the (6) 4 member districts voted who would represent the district on the Committee of Committees, prior to the Regular Board Meeting?

    And the result of that election was announced at the Regular Board meeting?

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