Will Paul Serwatka Resign at Tonight’s Lakewood Village Board Meeting?

Village President Paul Serwatka’s future with Lakewood may draw a good number of people to the 7 PM Board meeting at RedTail Golf Club.

He accomplished most of the goals he set forth in his 2015 campaign for Trustee and 2017 campaign for Village President.

Under the article about last Tuesday’s meeting being cancelled for lack of a quorum, there are twenty-two comments outlining various views about recent Lakewood governance issues.

There are six more under the article reminding people of the meeting.

If one wants to see what going on in Lakewood from various viewpoints, those comments are the place to start.



Will Paul Serwatka Resign at Tonight’s Lakewood Village Board Meeting? — 8 Comments

  1. Not that it matters, he’s not the owner. He rented it to call Lakewood home for political reasons.

  2. Serwatka was sane.

    That’s really saying something for a McHenry Country elected official.

    He had Kenneally pegged on Day One. And the Jacko Franks, too!

  3. Paul was a copycat. He was a TRUMP nut. All he did was lie when he ran and lie at meetings. In a town where you need hundreds of votes and not thousands, it worked. The town had 3 incredible leaders in Erin, Catherine, and Shannon. He chased away 3 talented women and to me it was sexism. Which is part of why Willson wanted them out. Willson thinks he is a genious whose plan was to save people 10% of their taxes. But your local RE taxes portion is only 10% of your tax bill or about $100 a year. Shannon quit when Paul told her that he was going to use reserves to lower taxes and he ignored their public works person telling them that citizens were putting their sump pump discharge into the drains which later caused the floods. He was incompetent. By the way, Paul learned about TIF’s and found out that they could really benefit the Village. Yet, told an official “It could be used to help the Village, but I need to keep my campaign promise”. That is idiocy. Paul opposed for political gain. Crystal lake understands that annexing more land is good and when the Village bought the land at 176 & 47 it was a great move at a low cost. The Village was trying to create REVENUE for all of you. It is the only way to keep costs down. If you try to cut, at some point the costs will keep going up. There is no way to stop it, so you create more revenue.
    Lakewood was a respected town with a Triple A bond rating, that soon will go down along with all of the other relationships that were forged by Lakewood by Julie and Erin with State Politicians and our Congressmen. Now the relationships are gone. No one wants to do anything for Lakewood. Crystal Lake is going to petition to annex Lakewood in a referendum in a few years and not many want to buy houses in Lakewood since the floor and that idiot was in charge.
    Many on this site voted for Trump. Most of you do not want to admit it was a dumb move. None of you want to tell anyone that you embarrassed by him and disgusted in how he represents our Country. Paul was a divisive person whose net effect was peril in your town. So many board members quit or decided not to run again. Paul made those meetings hell for all and even simple things were impossible. He was playing a part, a divisive idiot. Now there is a lack of talent and vision in that building. I know that Crystal Lake is considering the referendum to annex and at this point, it is the best thing for Lakewood. With people like Willson around, he doesn’t want improvement or change. He wants to oppose and be divisive. We have the worst community college in the state because of Willson and his concern that his taxes will go up a few bucks. Our property taxes suck, its true. Yet, it is not the local government or community college at fault.
    Illinois has the most layers of government in the country. Look it up. Townships, counties, local govs, school districts and so on. We pay for our schools through property taxes which is wrong. Other states do not pay for schools this way. It needs to be changed.
    Now Lakewood needs to recover from Paul. We need someone with a brain that knows the financial end and how to play well with others. No one with a divisive or destructive personality. Just a decent human with a brain.

  4. CitizenX well you are pretty wordy tonight, half truths about Lakewood. Do you really know Lakewood’s History? I don’t think so, they did not get the “Golden Screw Award” for nothing.

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