Harvard Seeks Sales Tax Hike for Second Time

With Harvard being something of a regional shopping center, the City Fathers and Mothers have decided to gain approval for a higher city sales tax.

The vote will be on April 4th:


Proposition To Impose A Municipal Sales Tax

Shall the corporate authorities of the City of Harvard, be authorized to levy a municipal sales tax at a rate of 1% of eligible sales for expenditures on public infrastructure?

Current state law allows a 1% sales tax.

This is the second attempt to pass this tax hike.

The first one failed badly, 64% tp 36%.

The vote tally against increasing Harvard’s sales tax at the June 28, 2022, primary election wss 412-229.


Harvard Seeks Sales Tax Hike for Second Time — 5 Comments

  1. Harvard is finding out that it costs mucho dinero to support all those illegals.

    The gringos must pay the price for their excursion into the land of DEI.

  2. Can they vote on the same thing?

    For certain things they have to wait 2 years and you’re saying they just voted on this in June of 2022???

    Look into that and then file with the court or election authority to get it removed from the ballot if it’s illegal, or keep that in the back pocket if it passes or you can no longer file objections to keep it from going into effect. If it gets passed but should have never been on the ballot, a judge should rule it can’t go into effect (unless they are stupid).

    I don’t know the specifics like if one was asked for by voters and one by the council if they’re allowed to do it?

    My guess is this was pushed by the city council in both instances and the wording is the same.

    Did you look into that?

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