Anchor Towing To Bow Out of Relocation Towing

As predicted, competition in the relocation towing business will decrease as one of Anchor Towing’s leaders announced its exit from the business in an email to McHenry County Blog.

With the author’s permission, you can read it yourself below:

Mr. Skinner,

Well, we lost as my wife said we would. I hate it when she’s right in these matters. That was the first board meeting I’ve attended. Boy, they sure do study every rock and pebble.

It’s a shame that this area will lose the great and honest services of Anchor Towing in the realm of Courtesy Vehicle Relocation.

At least thats what my son, Dan Hunt, tells me at this juncture. Towing seems to be a sensitive subject around the board-house.

Oh, Anchor Towing will continue service in all his other accounts. Police Calls, (McHenry and Crystal Lake) AAA,(for which he is a Preferred Provider, only four others in the state) and all his other accounts.

As for Police Calls, the rates are set by the police departments themselves for all Towers who service them. As you might guess, one doesn’t last long with these people if your service and billing are not in line.

Our opposition to the resolution was just to keep costs down and less government interference.

I told him to concentrate on the other aspects of his business and build on those bases. He’ll be fine.

Courtesy Vehicle Relocation is the most undesirable end of the business anyway.

By the way, come June or July, all Safety Towing Company’s in the State will have to be licensed to the tune of $1500.00. Safety meaning, emergency, accident, etc.

There just seems to be no end to it. Government Regulations are becoming a burden to all types of small businesses. Don’t know where it will end.

Anyhow, thank you for helping to shed some light on this subject.

It seems the Resolution took on a life of its own after (State Senator Pam) Althoff and (State Rep. Jack) Franks began supporting it.

Must have been some political agenda they were seeking. Votes or taxes?


David Hunt

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