Paul Yensen Strikes Back

The top post on the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee's web site features Paul Yensen's reason for taking action about TAG.

The top post on the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee’s web site features Paul Yensen’s reason for taking her actions about TAG, The Advantage Group.

The McHenry County Democratic Party web site features a piece by County Board member Paula Yensen rebutting comments apparently made under my article

The Advantage Group (TAG) Sunsets

I would guess from the content of comments made by new folks that they found the article from the Democrats’ web site.

People on the local Democrats’ email list received the following:

Paula Yensen victim of vicious smear

Right-wing attacks cannot go unchallenged

DEAR FELLOW DEMOCRATS: In a story appearing in Cal Skinner’s blog this morning, the Tea Party Wing Nuts (mostly anonymous cowards with phony names) are viciously attacking Paula Yensen, our friend and fellow Democratic County Board Member, for her courageous decision to expose wrong-doing at a non-profit agency named TAG (The Advantage Group).

Her efforts helped prevent our county from wasting more taxpayer money on an agency that was going out of business due to mismanagement.

If you want to read Paula’s side of the story, here it is.

Republicans Donna Kurtz and Michael Walkup, along with the anonymous Tea Party cowards, are trying to turn the closure of TAG into a story that Paula is insensitive to the plight of children.

It’s a shameful and disgusting attack on one of our own and a damn good Democrat.

Therefore, we urge you to write a comment supporting Paula and drown out the right wing “mean” machine now.

Let’s show our support for a fellow Democrat and swamp Cal’s blog with your written support for Paula.

There are also two articles about this issue in the Northwest Herald which have attracted similar Wing Nut rants.

We cannot allow the know-nothings to dominate the discussion. Please take five minutes to make your voice heard. Write a comment on the articles or send a letter to the editor.

The Advantage Group closes its doors Committee spars over reporting of improper activity

We hope Paula can count on your immediate support today.  Thank you.

Patrick Ouimet and Michael Bissett

= = = = =
Ouimet is a former Chairman of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee. Bissett is the current chairman and Paula Yensen’s husband.


Paul Yensen Strikes Back — 35 Comments

  1. The article states, “Republicans Donna Kurtz and Michael Walkup, along with the anonymous Tea Party cowards, are trying to turn the closure of TAG into a story that Paula is insensitive to the plight of children.”

    Let’s just make sure than when/if the half-dozen Dems decide to “swamp Cal’s blog” that they use their proper Christian names.

    The article also incites people to an electronic riot, “Let’s show our support for a fellow Democrat and swamp Cal’s blog with your written support for Paula.”

    Cal, you may need to order-up some more bandwidth…

  2. John O’ Neil, Michael Bissett was asked if Nygren plans to run as a Democrat if Andy Zinke loses the Primary.

    Michael Bissett has yet to answer my question…

    In fact, we have not heard from him since that question was asked.

    Is that all you got, a half of dozen Democrats?…..

    For your reference, what Paula Yenson did was insensitive and in now way did she consider the plight of the kids.

    This could of been approached in a more methodical and sensitive way.

    That is clear.

    They have been planning on bringing in Rosecrance from Rockford for months.

    Instead, she and her regime, chose to do this in a way that brought shock waves through the community.

    Now that speaks political agenda to me.



    As for Donna Kurtz and Mike Walkup they have nothing but good intentions and I know they only want to do the right thing.

    Again, their agendas are motivated by integrity with the best interest of the community at heart…….

    It is rumored that if Zinke loses the primary, Nygren will come back in as a Democrat…. Read for yourself.

    They know Bill Prim has a real chance to win.

  3. So now that her supported Stinky,..correction, I mean Zinke is getting his butt handed to him in the election, His wife is crying and now comes Paula crying out, saying

    ” are viciously attacking Paula Yensen, our friend and fellow Democratic County Board Member, for her courageous decision to expose wrong-doing at a non-profit agency named TAG (The Advantage Group).”

    Serious ?

    What about the Deputy Milliman that actually lost his job because he spoke out about known corruption with McHenry County Sheriffs Office?..

    Paula you are a County Board Member, who is elected by the public for you to serve them for the best interest of the community, not for trying make Zinke or Nygren look better..

    if the public has questions for their County Board Member Paula Yensen, then maybe they should call her at home 815-404-3918.

    Make sure you ask her about any connections between her, nygren, and Zinke ?..

    Just saying..

  4. I post neither anonymously, nor am a Tea Party member.

    I criticize the corrupt and inept in local politics.

    Yensen has proven the latter and Ouimet and Bisssett’s self-serving posts without full disclosure indicates they are the former.

    I stand by everything I posted, which is something Yensen and other County Board members should learn.

    Refute that.

  5. Paula and Michael

    It’s just not looking good for you….

    The meeting at TAG was suppose to be a meet and greet for Bill Prim… and in not way was he asking for money.

    And you dismantled TAG over that?


    Remove her from the County Board Now…

    And yes, Paula does have connections with Nygren and Zinke…

    Tell us more about that Paula…

    You may want to think before you speak.

    Remember President Bill Clinton and his denials of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky? Let me refresh your memory; His exact words were ” I did not have sexual relations with that women”

    Again, think before you speak Paula and Michael..

    We only need to hear the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth..

    By the way you are doing a really good job destroying Nygren and Zinkes chances for the election….

  6. Yensen I am told is the Executive Director for Central Kane County United Way.

    I have also been informed that she votes for the transfer of federal tax funds from the County to Senior Services which is a direct client of the United Way she works for.

    Conflict of interest?

    BTW, while we are at it, Michael the next time you file your wife’s campaign fund report, any chance you can give some detail on the non-itemized contributions?

    Seems that most of your funds come in this manner, (especially when you exclude union contributions).

  7. Legal resident observer:

    You are WRONG.

    Paula DOES NOT fund Senior Services of McHenry County.

    She funds Senior Services in St. Charles, and only for services in those zip codes.

    She disclosed this fact in open session and asked for a State’s Attorney opinion before she permitted herself to vote on the funding.

    The State’s Attorney’s opinion was there is NO CONFLICT.

    Last I checked, the State’s Attorney is Lou Bianchi, a Bill Prim supporter.

    All of this is on the public record, and you obviously are aware of this.

    So what’s your point?

  8. Mark D, you are truly the best of the bunch.

    I mean of the lunatics.

    Do you know what a volunteer is?

    No, I didn’t think so.

  9. Check it out Mike.

    Look up Senior Services for McHenry and show us where they are a separate entity.

    Just because a County flunky attorney makes a statement does not mean that is what the taxpayers think.

    I note still no answer to the campaign funds.

  10. Duncan, read the law before you babble again. You are just embarrassing yourself.

    No one dismantled TAG but TAG.

    Their foray into partisan politics was just a sideshow.

    The real scandal is the financial mess at that agency.

    They committed fiscal suicide and now you blame Paula for not cleaning up the blood on the floor fast enough.

  11. Paula is not innocent. as you and her would like everyone to believe..

    And, she is not a victim…

    That is exactly what Andy Zinke claimed when he gave his middle finger at a public parade…

    I say get rid of the people In Mchenry County like Paula and Andy Zinke who are not grown up enough to accept personal responsibility for their own actions…….

    She has a role in all of this and you know it…

    Paula Yenson is no victim…

    and either is Andy Zinke…

  12. Dear Mr. O’Neill:

    See what you’ve done with your good natured and friendly post –

    You have opened the fiery pits of hell and have unleashed the Republican dogs of war on our beloved Yensen, Duke of District 5.

    Damn you King John O’Neill of the 63rd, do you now comport with the likes of Duncan of McHenry and Sir Paul of Greenlee – connivers and traitors all who sit idly beneath in safe glow of their hearths while we fight the just cause for the hearts and minds of McHenry County and all those who support good and fiscally sound government.

    Tis your duty sir, nay your sacred oath, to publicly disown all who those on this blog who refuse to address the true issue at hand and stand with Paula Yensen on this, St. Crispin’s Day.

    The Duke of District 5 commends thee to your good graces and stands for fiscally integrity and with the taxpayers of McHenry County.

    Are you with me my sovereign lord of 63?

    If you are, “Well have we done, thrice-valiant countrymen”.

    (John, before your friends attack me personally, the above is based on Henry the Fifth and is completely biased. And, as Sir John of Greenlee laments, proudly posted by the former Chairman of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee.)


    Watch out the Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to help Paula…

    It is true that they plan to bring Nygren in as a Democrat if Zinke loses the primary…

    They are getting desperate because Bill Prim has a really good chance to win the election and take all of their power away…

  14. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at Duncan and his band of like – minded fools.

    They quote the ravings of Milliman and the lies and half – truths of Seipler, an admitted liar and one also found to be a liar by a federal judge as the gospel truth.

    Funny, but sad.

  15. It is true that Nygren is unhappy with Andy Zinke’s accomplishments on the campaign trail

    They have to do something to save their regime, so the the next step is to bring in Nygren as a Democrat once Bill Prim wins the primary.

    Frankly Dan, I wouldn’t want to be part of the bunch of fools you support..

    We all know Milliman and Seipler were fired because they stood up to Nygren and Zinke and told the truth about corruption..

    I have lived in this community for over 30 years and have been witness corruption first hand…

    Can’t wait until Nygren and his buddies have to start answering questions..

    He has a lot of explaining to do.

    I do believe some people will ultimately spend the rest of their lives in Federal Prison.

    Not naming names of course, but they know who they are..

    Greg Pyle probably never thought he would end up in Federal Prison for the rest of his life.

    Rumor has it, he is accepting a plea deal.

    Let the dominoes fall where they may.

  16. Patrick Martin Ouimet – I don’t remember Henry V precisely the way you have adapted it.

    Nevertheless my heart stopped at the, “Damn you King John O’Neill of the 63rd.”

    I appreciate you for bringing some light-hearted fun into this H E A V Y discussion

  17. Prim win the primary?

    You better see what Zinke’s 3rd quarter fundraising looks like before you make a prediction like that.

    Prim has done no real fundraising for quite some time, and Zinke’s report will show a HUGE HAUL for the undersheriff.

    Yes, Nygren has leaned on his donors to help Zinke, and over $12,000 by a union alone brings Zinke ahead of Prim in the money chase.

    Prim and his supporters better snap to it in terms of money or their guy will go down on March 18th.

  18. Here Bissett, just give Yensen another of those Jefferson awards, for a lifetime of whatever, to make up for all her recent aggravation.

    Change it up to a Jimmy Carter or something.

    I even saw on Family Guy, where Bill Clinton had a ‘Cankle’ award he hands out.

    Than you can get back to important Dem.

    Party business, like making sure vending machines in school lunchrooms, aren’t shortchanging the kids.

    Hope this helps you out.

  19. Patrick, we do not need any more drama regarding this discussion, you are sounding more like “Sir Pumpkin”.

    I do not think that is a good place for you to be.

  20. Well, well, well.

    I see still no answer from Michael relative to his campaign reporting for his bride Paula.

    If and when he does it will probably be that his filing meets state requirements.

    Could be true but there is always the problem with that image of “transparency” that Paula uses so frequently!

    Also, I see no comment relative to McHenry Senior Services being a separate entity from the Kane County Senior Services.

    I would like for Michael or someone to post the link to the McHenry County Senior Services form 990.

  21. We must defeat Yensen and Chirikos.

    Where the hell are the Republicans in these county board districts?

  22. Remember this:Voting for less transparency were

    Michele Aavang
    Nick Chirikos
    Sue Draftkorn
    Joe Gottemoller
    Tina Hill
    Ken Koehler
    Mary McCann
    Mary McClellan
    Anna May Miller
    Robert Nowak
    Carolyn Schofield
    Paula Yensen

    This, pretty much, says it all.

  23. “for her courageous decision to expose wrong-doing at a non-profit agency named TAG ..”

    forgive me, however, what is so “courageous” about doing her job? This particular action does NOT make her a saint.

    In fact, in the world of timely politics, it might even make her some version of an opportunist.

    As to “Tea Party Wing Nuts (mostly anonymous cowards with phony names)” and “along with the anonymous Tea Party cowards,” and “drown out the right wing “mean” machine”, and “swamp Cal’s blog”, and “which have attracted similar Wing Nut rants.”

    and “We cannot allow the know-nothings” –

    you can be sure this typical nastiness ala DC/Democrats/Liberals will NEVER encourage me to vote for Ms. Yensen or any other Democrat/Liberal.

    (Do they give you a set list of negative adjectives to spew in people’s faces?)

    Apparently a class in “class” as in “class act” was never taught to Democrats and Liberals.

    Hey, was the class called – Diversion and Name-calling – always full where you learned how to engage in debates?

    Chicago, your “kids” deserved a better education in civility.

    As to those who prefer to be anonymous, with so many aggressive/tacky/power seeking people around, depending on the circumstances, sometimes I consider THEM (the Anonymous) the real heroes.

  24. I had been out of town all weekend and missed the brouha.

    It is ironic that Paula and Michael are trying to lump Donna and I in with the “Tea Party Wing Nuts” as we had been Paula’s supporters prior to the current Board term.

    It is her actions since then, capped off with the TAG matter, that have changed things.

    You would think that a member of a minority party on the Board would want to combine forces with those members of the majority party who are bucking the Establishment, but that has not been the case.

    I am reminded of the old Native American saying:

    “Person who sit in middle of the road get hit by cars coming from both directions”.

  25. “Person who sit in middle of the road get hit by cars coming from both directions”, is a Native American saying?

    Boy you guys will make up anything!

    Paula is doing exactly what the people voted her into office for – clean up McHenry County waste, save taxpayer dollars.

    You don’t like it?

    Then vote her out of office. Until then, go cry somewhere else.


  26. “LMAO@Repulicans”–

    Yes you will make up anything to promote Paula Yenson’s CHARADE…

    That is all this is, a big fat charade to promote a political agenda…

    It is apparent that the Democrats and Paula Yenson are using TAG and Bill Prim as their political pawn.

    If Zinke loses the primary Nygren will come in as a Democrat to compete against Bill Prim. That is a fact.

    Again, this could have been approached in a more sensitive methodical way.

    Instead, Paul Yenson chose to do this in a way that brought shockwaves through the community and put Bill Prim in a negative light, when in fact Bill Prim did nothing wrong.

    And, let’s not forget about the kids; they are the real victims because of Paula Yenson’s actions.

    For that reason, TAG filing for bankruptcy has everything to do with the Sheriffs race..

    Mike Walkup and Donna Kurtz have nothing but good intentions here.

    Clearly, they have taken the middle road and choose to evaluate the TAG situation fairly and objectively.

    On the surface it may appear as if Paula Yenson is trying to do the right things for the community.

    However, these actions are motivated by a “POLITICAL AGENDA”

    Therefore, it appears Paula’s main goal is not cleaning up Mchenry County waste to save the tax payers dollar.

    This is about Paula and her political goals, not the tax payer…

    She is not the kind of person I want to serve the community.

    Here is your chance tax payers to vote her out of office..

    You have the “POWER” of the vote…..

    Bye Paula..

    By the way, her husband Michael Bissett has been asked on several times on this blog if Nygren is planning on running as a Democrat Zinke loses the primary.

    He has never answered me.

    Though, there are others that have tried to do his dirty work by answering for him.

    You are a “COWARD” Michael Bissett.

  27. anotherwatcher on 10/12/2013 at 3:29 pm said:

    “To those people in the Paula camp, don’t worry, Fukoku will come in and help you. You go Fukoku, give it all you have.”

    Sorry to disappoint you anotherwatcher, I wouldn’t give a Democrat a hose if they were on fire.

  28. Fukoku, what a sad statement “I wouldn’t give a Democrat a hose if they were on fire”.

    I have respect for life and would help anyone if they needed help.

    But I will tell you this, if you ever need to be hosed down, I would be glad to help you out.

  29. “LMAO@Repulicans”–Must have attended a Chicago school ’cause the

    last time I looked it was spelled REPUBLICANS.

  30. anotherwatcher, it may be sad, but it is true.

    Why should I help a Democrat that destroyed the foundation of our county?

  31. Klatu Barrada Nikto, you must forgive Duncan Mchenry = Zane Seipler, he is just an idiot. You should read his blog, but you will not be able to understand his chicken scratch.

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