Township Consolidation Comment Cards – Part 1

Included in the 70 pages of back-up material for the Township Consolidation Task Force meeting tomorrow at 10:30 Tuesday in Woodstock are what people wrote on note cards the night of the Task Force’s Open House.

We’ll run a page a day until you have a chance to read them all.

Public Comment Cards from 8/18/15 Township Consolidation Open House

Four maps were displayed.  Those attending were asked to pick a favorite.

Four maps were displayed. Those attending were asked to pick a favorite.

  • This task force has not done enough research or provided enough answers to support putting this question to a ballot. It would be irresponsible to do so. Unless you can tell us what the real consequences of consolidation are, financially and otherwise, you are not in a position to endorse consolidation.
  • These three scenarios are meaningless until we know the tax rate implication for each one.
  • Can you guarantee the same services after consolidation as before?
  • There needs to be more Q&A meetings with more info given out before this goes before the board. There is a lot of unanswered questions.
  • Would like to see if a study could be done to see if this would really be a savings to the tax payers.
  • No one has given figures on how you’re going to save money and where you’re going to save money.
  • Without a detailed cost analysis performed by a 3rd party, that supports the significant cost saving of consolidation, I annot/will not vote yes. I wouldn’t make a business decision with lack of evidence of potential outcome. I certainly would not put fellow residents at risk for higher tax bills and less services.
  • There needs to be more concrete information and question answer meetings. No one seems to be able to give answers to questions asked. September meeting is too soon for a board vote.
  • It is difficult for a citizen to make an informed decision given the lack of information (the charts are excellent). So I can only hope the Co. Board has more details on the legal and financial ramifications.
  • Cost justification? Cost benefit?
  • The statement “this consolidation will save taxpayers money” should be proven. Not just stated. A cost analysis should be done before this goes to county board for a vote!
  • Would like to see a study, on how or if this would save tax payers money.
  • Please get the financial benefit/risk evaluation before making a decision that may be wrong.
  • I don’t believe that enough hard facts or information regarding tax rates, benefits, advantages or disadvantages to a change have been presented to the public to make an informed decision. At this time I would vote to leave things as they are.
  • Please advise more information for consolidation. Example –cost analysis, benefits for all residents. Right now there is not enough information for a vote. Thank you.
  • How will consolidation increase bargaining power for maintenance and new roads? All 4 alternatives. What were consequences of other consolidations in this or other states?
  • How will consolidation affect my taxes? All 4 alternatives.


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