Nancy Zettler on Reapportionment Referendum

The following is published with permission from McHenry County Board member and Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Andrew Gasser’s blog:

Nancy Zettler Flip Flops on Fair Maps Resolution – Deletes Social Media Post

Nancy Zettler is deceiving all of you.  Look at this deleted post from her facebook page:


Sadly, it has been removed and is gone but not before I got a screen grab.

But look at what Ms. Zettler said once Mike Madigan’s judge shot down the ballot initiative:

Zettler 2

You cannot make this stuff up.

You have a bunch of people, lets not even call them democrats or republicans anymore, lets call them members of the political class.

These people simply say whatever they need to say at the time to get elected.



Maybe everyone should ask Nancy why she:

  1.  Had the change of heart
  2.  Deleted her facebook post

Ms. Nancy – this is not a Republican problem.

This is a Mike Madigan and political class problem.

We had clear, independent leaders, of both parties pushing this ballot initiative through.

It was the political class, and the people who support you and that you support, who killed the Independent Maps initiative.

It is very disturbing when those of us who want to represent us say one thing and do another… and if Zettler had the gall to delete a public post on her public facebook page what else would she be willing to sweep under the rug for Michael Madigan?

Zettler 3


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  1. Gas bag alert! Gas bag alert!

    Why does gas bag gasser always stick his nose in other people’s business?!!?

    Gas bag gasser has no business getting involved in this race.

    Gas bag gasser has no friends and lives in mommy and daddy’s basement!

    People should not believe gas bag gasser or anything that fatty writes.

  2. How is this a “flip flop”?

    She is saying that maps being drawn all over the country by which ever party is in control when they are drawn support the status quo.

    Did I miss something or is Mr. Gasser doing a reach here?

  3. Almost everybody wants reapportionment / redistricting reform.

    The current maps resulting from the 2010 US Census, which in Illinois were drawn with the Democrats controlling the process in the Illinois General Assembly, are a joke on the citizens and taxpayers.

    The process is broken.

    Like so much of Illinois government.

  4. Let me correct that for you just a little bit:

    “The process is broken across the country, in almost every state.”


    Fixed it.

    You do care about the gerrymandered maps in Republican controlled states too, right?

    PS – Cal, we can’t do html in the comments anymore?

  5. Let’s review what’s been happening with Illinois redistricting / reapportionment reform.


    The Democrats have a supermajority in the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA – State House and State Senate).

    Thus, they can pass any legislation they want, and they can overturn any Governor veto they want, as long as a supermajority of Democrat legislators can agree on something.

    Jack Franks claims he is for redistricting / reapportionment reform.

    The Democrats claim they are for redistricting / reapportionment reform.

    Why is there no movement on redistricting / reapportionment reform legislation.

    Here is the redistricting / reapportionment reform legislation in the 99th General Assembly (2015 & 2016):

    – HJRCA 58 (Democrat 63rd District State Representative Jack Franks). The last action was May 5, 2016 in the Senate, “Postponed – Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments Affecting the Judiciary.”

    – SJRCA 30 (Democrat 13th District State Senator Kwame Raoul). The last action was May 6, 2016 in the House, “Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee.”

    So the Democrats are blocking redistricing / reapportionment reform in Illinois.


    Chicago Tribune


    Who’s Afraid of a Fair Map for Illinois

    August 30, 2015

    “The targets of the mailing are people who supported a similar amendment that was knocked off the 2014 ballot by minions of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.”


    Independent Map Amendment

    Separate from the above legislation, a group called Independent Map Amendment, which is bipartisan and consists of Republicans and Democrats, submitted petitions of citizen signatures along with their proposed amendment to the Illinois State Board of Elections to get a voter redistricting / reapportionment reform amendment placed on the November 8, 2016 ballot.


    Peoples Map

    A group called Peoples Map sued in Cook County Circuit Court, case #

    Peoples Map does not have a website.

    WTTW 11 obtained a letter written by Peoples Map.


    McHenry County Blog has at least 3 stories about the redistricting / reapportionment effort.

    Jack Franks Reapportionment Ploy Gets Result He Wants
    May 4, 2016

    Cook County Judge Says “No Way” to Reapportionment Reform
    July 20, 2016

    Jack Franks Reapportionment Ploy Got Result He Wants Copy
    July 22, 2016


    Mike Kasper (Michael J Kasper)

    – Attorney for Peoples Map

    – General Counsel (head lawyer) of the Illinois Democrat Party

    – Treasurer of Democratic Party of Illinois PAC (ISBE committee ID 6239)

    – Member of lobbyist organization FOKN (Fletcher, O’Brien, Kasper & Nottage)

    – FOKN has contributed to the political action committees (PACs) of several area politicians including Jack Franks, Mike Tryon, & Kent Gaffney.

    – Has represented Barack Obama as US Senator and US President

    – Attended the April 16, 2011 Illinois State House of Representatives Redistricting Committee Hearing at the Marengo Community High School auditorium, that’s the picture with Jack Franks on the blog.

    – Many other notable achievements.

  6. Mike Kasper is also

    – Attorney at Hinshaw & Culbertson (Chicago law firm)

    – Attorney who represented some of the clients in a 2014 lawsuit that prevented the 2014 redistricting and term limits voter initiatives from reaching the election ballot. Cook County Court (Clark et al v Illinois State Board of Elections et al, Case Number 14 CH 07356). Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Mikva.

    – Attorney representing some of the clients in the effort to deny the 2016 redistricting voter initiative from reaching the election ballot. Cook County Court lawsuit (Hooker et al v Illinois State Board of Elections et al, Case Number 16 CH 6539). Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane Larson.


    The list of Plaintiffs in the 2016 lawsuit:

    – John Hooker, Chairman of the People’s Map

    – Frank Clark

    – Leon Finney

    – Elzie Higgenbottom

    – Raymond Chin

    – Fernando Grillo

    – Jorge Perez

    – Craig Chico


    The list of Plaintiffs in the 2014 lawsuit:

    – Frank Clark, President and Chairman of the Board of the Business Leadership Council

    – Business Leadership Council

    – Karen Riley, Executive Director, Business Leadership Council

    – Leon Finney, Member, Business Leadership Council

    – Elzie Higginbottom, Member, Business Leadership Council

    – John Hooker, Member, Business Leadership Council

    – Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

    – Raymond Chin, President, Chinatown Chamber of Commerce

    – Little Village Chamber of Commerce

    – Julio Rodriguez, President, Little Village Chamber of Commerce

    – Jaime Di Paulo, Executive Director, Little Village Chamber of Commerce

    – Jorge Perez

    – Craig Chico

    – Donald R Jackson

    – Ernestine Jackson

    – Helen King

    – Jackie Petty

    – Anthony Martinez

  7. We need redistricting reform.

    We also needed it 30 YEARS AGO, but you didn’t hear squat about it from my fellow Republicans back then.



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