Will Every School Board Incease Its Tax Levy the Maximum, as the Cary Grade School Board Seems Poised To?

From former Cary Elementary School Board President Scott Coffey in a comment re-printed here:

Scott Coffey

“I have been keeping an eye on the local school districts as it relates to the development of their upcoming budgets and their levy assumptions in building those budgets.

“The only district that has made any information is Cary D-26.

“Their Board documents related to discussions on the tentative budgets are publicly available on their site.

“They have actually published the full tentative budget on their site.

“I believe they have assumed the full 5% increase in the levy to be collected next year.

From my research, it appears

  • D-47 (Crystal Lake Grade School),
  • D-155 (Crystal Lake High School), and
  • D-3 (Fox River Grove Grade School)

have made no documents available to the public on their sites regarding budget assumptions or the tentative budget itself.

Prairie Grove D-46 does have a Board document that is at such a high level that its impossible to know what the levy assumption is built into their budget.

D-47 and D-155 carry the two largest levies of any taxing body in the entire County and, apparently, are dedicated to a complete lack of transparency as to what their budget will be, how it was built, and how badly they intend to jack up property taxes on their community.


Will Every School Board Incease Its Tax Levy the Maximum, as the Cary Grade School Board Seems Poised To? — 6 Comments

  1. No surprise here. Expect all of Illinois’ nation leading 9,000 units of government to take the full 5%, many will also go to referendum for a tax hike.

    Example: The Oswego Fire District has a tax hike on the ballot for November, and, this is after they lost their attempt to raise property taxes at the June Primary election!!!

    Support government consolidation/elimination, it’s the ONLY path for tax relief!

  2. Bob, you seem to suggest that when Oswego Fire District’s referendum failed, they should have stopped their efforts when the voters said “no”?

    And yet your own voters told you “no”, and yet you ignored them.

    So, if it’s not OK for them to “disregard” the voter, why was it OK for you?

  3. Mellow Monk, I get it, you don’t.

    The fire district referendum is back on the ballot in just 4 months!!!

  4. It is long over du for people to realize that the liberal Democratic are forcing their way into local politics as a way to change our local landscape.

    They are active as do-gooders in non partisan local elections.

    While their cohorts in the Democratic party are quite aware of the tactic.

    Most people just see them as friendly folks who are trying to better the schools, library or park district.

    So be for voting for any of the snakes, look into them, ask hard questions, force them to defend BLM, CRT and abortion.

    Just because someone is “caring” or is recommended by a neighbor, that doesnt mean that they are truly noble in their intentions.

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