Lake County Judge Orders Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser to Appear in Court re Arbitration with Local 150

For failure to obey a September 20, 2018, Court Order, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner has been order to appear in the Lake County Judge’s Courtroom on December 11th at 2:30. The reason is Gasser’s refusal to take part in arbitration … Continue reading

Independent Candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison Claims Republican Primary Candidate Bill Prim Ignored Des Plaines Police Beatings, GOP Candidate Bill Prim Replies

A press release from Independent candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Jim Harrison: Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim Tied to Des Plaines Police Beatings! Independent Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison is urging voters to examine an Arbitrator’s ruling [SEE ATTACHED] that found that, … Continue reading

Taxpayer Side of Zane Seipler’s Arbitration Suit

McHenry County Blog posted the legal fees paid by county taxpayers recently in the case re-instating Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Schlenkert. Although Schlenkert won the case almost eleven months ago, Sheriff Keith Nygren hasn’t settled up on issues of back pay … Continue reading